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Culver Academy Senior- Carina


After the dust from a busy Graduation Weekend settled, Ginny and I had the opportunity to photograph Culver Girls Academies senior Carina before she went home to Florida. Carina is a beautiful subject. We wish her the best of luck in her future. We are certain it’s going to be filled with many achievements.

Culver Academies Graduation- ALL PHOTOS

It is official! All 3000+ photos taken over the Graduation Weekend, by 7 different photographers, are posted at http://www.culverphotos.com/grad2012

With almost every event covered by mulitple photographers, we ended up with 31 galleries broken out by event and camera. Enjoy!

Culver Academies Graduation- Gate Ceremony

Grad photos from Culver Academies grad 2012 are posted. Following is a selection from the CMA gate ceremony. The rest of the CMA Gate Ceremony photos are at: http://www.culverphotos.com/6_3_12_gate1

Culver Academy Senior Night Photos

This Spring, as I’ve done previous years, I photographed the Culver Academies seniors before their annual Senior Dinner Dance. For me, this is a very informal, casual, and fun event that I like covering as I’ve gotten to know many of the students over the years photographing their senior sessions, portrait sessions, and various sports. It is also one of the last times that I get to see the kids in a fun setting before they walk through the Gate or Arch when they aren’t running 16 different directions. As always the kids looked sharp and were dressed to impress. I’ve shared a few photos here. Other photos are posted at- http://www.culverphotos.com/2012_dance

CGA Senior Portrait Session:Tesia Janicki


Ginny and I have never been able to photograph a CGA drill team member. This year, we got to take pictures of Tesia, one of CGA’s drill team members and also a great piano player. Tesia is someone Ginny had met during the CGA 40th celebration. She was thrilled to find out that her mom contacted us to take her pictures, as Ginny was so impressed with the presentation Tesia did over the celebration weekend. We had a great time with Tesia and her mom. Tesia had great ideas for pictures and did a great job humoring us. 

Joe Krsek Senior Photo Session

Last weekend, I traveled out into the country to photograph Culver community High School student Joe Kresk at his home.  The weather wasn’t the best for the session but realizing that out days for scheduling Fall sessions is quickly coming to an end, we decided to go ahead with the session. Joe was a big help during the session in that he had several locations already picked out that he wanted photos by and then he humored me with my suggestions. I hope that the computer that you view these photos on will show this–Joe has some of the bluest eyes we’ve ever seen on a person. They are really cool. For any skeptics out there… if they do not show up on your computer, these are his natural eyes as shot. I did not color enhance them or anything.

Trent Becker Senior Photo Session

 One of Ginny’s favorite people in town is Chad Becker, a police officer who works for the town of Culver. A couple of weeks ago, I photographed Chad’s younger brother Trent for his senior photoshoot. Talk about a nice family. Trent was very laid back, friendly, and a lot like his brother. I enjoyed the shoot and hope Trent has a great senior year.

Friday Night Football: CMA Eagles vs. Brebeuf

What a fun football game last Friday night’s was…or at least it was up until the end. The weather was perfect as it wasn’t too hot or too cold. The cadets looked in step and professional during their march-on. The CMA Eagles were lead onto Oliver Field by the Old Guard who had returned to campus to celebrate a reunion. The Spirit of Culver looked great. (I was a Trooper when I attended Culver so I  can appreciate when horses participate in the sports world.) The cheerleaders were energetic and put on some great performances that made for some photo opps with a cool blue sky in the background as the sun went down. During halftime, the Dancevision team performed for the crowd. In the second half of the game, the cheerleaders gave away noise makers to the Eagles fans who added to the excitment of the game. It was a really fun night…except for the score.

The Eagles started off with a bang. They quickly put a 14-to-0 score on the board. Unfortunately, the momentum turned. Culver fought hard all the way to the end, but they couldn’t maintain the lead.

I’ve posted some of the photos here. Other photos are located at:


At the previous link, I’ve created subdirectories from the game to make it easier to locate photos. These include: Game, Cheerleaders, Dancevision, Spirit of Culver, Crowd, Tunnel, and March On.

Indiana Senior Photos: Kyle Vandeputte

A couple of days ago, I shot Senior photos for local CCHS student Kyle Van Deputte. Kyle is heavily involved in school activities and sports and looks forward to the next phase of his adult life. As the son of Culver’s local Assistent Fire Chief, there are some strong expectations for Kyle. I think he will have no problem meeting them.

An hour before the shoot, I considered calling off the session because it was cloudy and overcast and didn’t look like we’d have very good weather for the shoot. The old joke that if you don’t like the weather in Indiana, wait an hour, couldn’t have been more true. Sixty minutes later, the morning haze and cloud cover had blown off and made for a nice a day. I tried some new lighting techniques on the golf course and was thrilled to get some cool shots of Kyle putting and swinging. I wish him all the luck for a great end to his senior year. I look forward to following his progress after Culver, as he’s a great young man and has great role models for parents.

Culver Academy Senior Photos: Tom O’Neil

 A couple of weeks ago, Ginny and I shot senior pictures of Tom O’Neil. His mom joined us on the shoot. Tom is a laid back guy with a great smile. We had a windy day because of earlier rain, but Tom had patience with getting some shots. I think his mom also promised a nice meal afterward. We had a great time shooting him and wish him all the best when he heads off to Chicago for college.