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Culver Indiana Photographer: CCHS Graduation

High school graduation is one of those defining moments in every students’ life. We had the honor of witnessing that moment for several of the students of Culver Community High School. Shooting in a gymnasium without the proper lens or lighting proved to be a challenge, but I enjoyed attempting it.

Brittany Cowell and Miles Pinder, two of the kids we’ve watched grow up in Culver, graduated and did their parents proud. Miles was kind enough to frame one of the pictures I took of him and displayed it at his grad party. We also took pictures of Brittany’s grad party, which was a great party. We not only ate some great food, but we captured some of Brittany’s friends honor her on her big day. It’s always an honor for us to be a part of someone’s celebration. Though we felt older having seen a child Ginny’s family has known since birth graduate high school, we enjoyed celebrating with the Cowell family. The Cowell family and Pinder family should be proud of the truly wonderful people Brittany and Miles have become.


Culver Academy Photographer: Track and Field Sectionals in Kokomo

Both Culver Academies and Culver Community High Schools had kids who made it to the Sectionals for Track and Field. I took a trip down to Kokomo to shoot the events. I was thankful for a sunny day. It’s a little overwhelming to shoot during a track event, as there are so many activities going on at one time. I enoyed it a great deal, however, as each event provides its own challenges. I’ll definitely be going back again next year and hoping to see as many kids compete at the sectionals and regionals.


Cylver Academy Baseball Photos: CMA Varsity Baseball

This game was delayed due to rain, but the kids wanted to play because it was the last season game before playoffs. Baseball is a sport that isn’t easy to shoot, as the action is typically only on the ball. You can end up with a lot of pictures of the pitcher, catcher, and hitter. I enjoy shooting this sport, though, because the camera often catches the ball floating in the scene. Ginny grew up playing second base on a boy’s baseball team, so she loves it when we can shoot the games, as it’s a sport she enjoys watching at the high school level. I met a lot of great, supportive parents while shooting these baseball games. For more baseball shots, see the web site.



Culver Academy Baseball Photos: CMA Varsity Baseball

For this baseball game, the coach invited me into the dugout to shoot the pictures I captured. Shooting from the dugout is a great experience, as you get much better shots than you would trying to shoot over the fence, and you get to hear the team and coaches interact. You feel as though you are right in the middle of the action. In a few of these photos, you can see where the ball appears to float in the air. I try to get shots in which you can see the ball and the action in the scene. This is a challenge, as the speed of your camera must keep up with the speed of play. I hope you enjoy this selection of these first-rate athletes. Thanks to the coach and team for letting me be part of the dugout. It was an honor.


Indiana Rugby Photos: High School Rugby State Champs

This is the high school state rugby championships that were held in Elkart. Talk about action! Rugby is an intense sport to shoot. The action is aggressive, the movement on the field fast, and the expressions of the players… well, they are also intense. This is a sport that requires you to move quickly to stay up with the action. I got my own workout keeping up with the players as they moved up and down the field. It is worth the effort, however, as this sport provides a lot of opportunity to show the physical talent of the players. We look forward to Spring when the Culver Academies’ season starts up again.


Culver Academy Tennis Photos: CGA Varsity Tennis Sectionals

As you can see in this picture, coach Alan Loehr and his CGA Varsity squad had a great season. In fact, this has been the case for the past few seasons, as CGA tennis continues to send more and more girls to the competitive regionals and state tournaments. In this event, the girls proved to be successful again. For more pictures, see the web site.


Culver Academy Softball Photos: CGA Varsity Softball

The last home game of the CGA Varsity softball team was a hot day. Coaches Brook Wheeler and Katie Maroney invited me to take some shots of the team. Those girls are great softball players! I did not grow up playing baseball or softball, but I could tell within minutes that this team challenged every team they played this season. From the pitcher to the fielders and up-to-bat moments, I witnessed a class-act team. Congrats to both the team and coaches for a great season. I look forward to shooting this team in the upcoming season.


Culver Indiana Children Photographer: Kids Make the Best Subjects

Kids say the darndest things, and we have learned that they do the funniest things. Photographing them is pure joy. We are lucky because we have the greatest nieces and nephews and lots of opportunities to shoot them. They are the best little people we know, and we love being uncle and aunt to them; photographing them is the icing on the cake. We also intrude on family friends to shoot their kids. In all cases, we are grateful for the opportunities, as kids truly do make the best subjects.