Culver Indiana Photographer: CCHS Graduation

High school graduation is one of those defining moments in every students’ life. We had the honor of witnessing that moment for several of the students of Culver Community High School. Shooting in a gymnasium without the proper lens or lighting proved to be a challenge, but I enjoyed attempting it.

Brittany Cowell and Miles Pinder, two of the kids we’ve watched grow up in Culver, graduated and did their parents proud. Miles was kind enough to frame one of the pictures I took of him and displayed it at his grad party. We also took pictures of Brittany’s grad party, which was a great party. We not only ate some great food, but we captured some of Brittany’s friends honor her on her big day. It’s always an honor for us to be a part of someone’s celebration. Though we felt older having seen a child Ginny’s family has known since birth graduate high school, we enjoyed celebrating with the Cowell family. The Cowell family and Pinder family should be proud of the truly wonderful people Brittany and Miles have become.







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