The CGM Photography mission is to give you photos that will remind you of the joyous events in your life. Whether it’s your senior year in high school, your wedding day, the birth of your child, or a family reunion, we want to be there to capture your memories. Our service promise is to photo document your life event with the best quality products and with the same care with which we document our own families and friends. We will be professional, on time, and we will always do our best to meet your expectations. Our services include:

Senior photos
Portraits: Family, group shots, etc.
Private parties
Sporting events
Special events

2 Responses to Services

  1. Jaclyn Rocco says:

    Hello, I’m a senior at culver community high school and I was wondering how to make a sports banner. Seniors from my school recently purchased them through the academy and they said they were very reasonable. I am looking for the prices, and how to design one.
    Thank you so much,
    Jaclyn Rocco

  2. Grant says:

    Did wee speak on the phone? If not, feel free to call me at 574-842-2000. grant

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