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Indiana Hockey Photography: CMA U16 vs. Ulysse Prep

Friday night, the CMA U16 Hockey team hosted Ulysse Prep School from Canada at Culver Academy. Considering the fact that the boys from Ulysse Prep had been on a bus 16 hours traveling to Culver, they played quite well and gave Culver a good fight. Being close throughout the game and tied going into the third period, the game could have gone to either team. During the third period, Culver scored twice and created a gap that Ulysse couldn’t overcome. The final score, Culver-4, Ulysse Prep-2.

I’ve posted some photos here. Additional photos are located at:

Indiana Hockey Photography: Culver Academy Varsity Hockey vs. JSerra Catholic Ice Lions

Last night, as part of Culver’s first annual Corn Cup Tournament, the CMA Varsity Hockey Team played the JSerra Catholic Hockey Team from California. It was an exciting game that could have gone to either team. JSerra started the game by scoring quickly in the first period; it was countered with Culver scoring a goal. Culver won the game, though JSerra made them work for the win.

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Indiana Sports Photography: Culver Academy Wrestling vs. CCHS

Earlier this week, a snow storm may have delayed school from starting on time but it didn’t affect the sports schedule as Culver Community High School hosted the Culver Academy team. The meet was exciting to watch though I’ll admit that I do not know or fully understand the rules. Having said that, I’m not really sure which team won. I hope the pictures don’t reflect the fact that I don’t know this sport very well.

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Indiana Sports Photography: Culver Academy Horse Show Invitational


This past weekend, the Culver Academy Jumping teams hosted an IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) invitational horse show at the Vaughn Equestrienne Center. Originally scheduled for two days, due to bad forecasted weather, the event was shortened to a single day with only a couple of visiting teams. Though the event was shortened, the Academy did a wonderful job of hosting it and everyone appeared to have a good time. And I hope you’ll agree with me that the horses were not only great performers but beautiful to watch and photograph. I’m a horse lover and was a trooper at Culver, so I tend to watch the horses more than the people.

I’m always so impressed with the students and teams at these horse events. It’s just a classy sport to watch and capture on film. The Academy students did well in the different events, taking several first places, seconds, and thirds. They should be proud of another great performance. I look forward to the big February event.

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Indiana Hockey Photography: CMA vs. Shattuck

This past weekend, the Culver Academies Hockey teams hosted their long-time rivals from Shattuck St. Mary’s at Culver. Both the U16 team and the Prep team played Shattuck’s correpsonding teams twice over the weekend with games on Saturday and Sunday. Due to prior commitments, I was only able to photograph the Saturday night games.

In both the U16 game and the Prep team game, Culver played their hearts out. The games were some of the best action and fastest moving that I’ve witnessed at a High School level. Unfortunately, Shattuck St. Mary’s proved that their #1 rank in the country is well deserved as they won both games. Culver did prove to be worthy opponents, though they were not able to pull out a vistory.

I apologize for so many photos in this post. Below are my favorite photos from both the U16 and Prep games. For additional photos, please visit:



Indiana Sports Phototgrapher: CMA Varsity Hockey vs. Evansville

What a busy weekend! In attending 3 hockey games, a horse show, Vespers, and the Vespers Reception, I shot over 3,000 photos this past weekend. If you are visiting this site looking for a specific event that was photographed this weekend, please be patient. I’ll post entries as the galleries are uploaded. In the meantime, please fell free to visit as all of the photos will eventually be posted there.

On Friday night, the CMA Varsity hockey team hosted Evansville at Culver Academy. The CMA Eagles played well and easily won another game. The game was fun and exciting to watch, though Evansville struggled against Culver. I’ve posted some of my favorite photos here. There are additional photos posted at:

Indiana Hockey Photographer: CMA Varsity vs. Penn High School

Last night, the CMA Varsity Hockey Team played against Penn High School’s U19 Hockey Team on Culver Academy’s campus in the Henderson Ice Rink. The CMA Eagles played very well, easily winning 6-0. There were a good deal of penalties throughout the game on both teams. One of these days, I’ll understand what those are, but for now, I have to plead ignorance.

Overall, I’m finding the lighting at the rink to be lacking for ideal photos, but I’ve been editing these in a different way than I did last year, and I like the results much better. Using a low-light lens and high ISO setting helps, but I’d love it if the ice would cooperate with me. I guess you can’t have it all. Enjoy the pictures. Some of you might recognize Dustin Cowell, a friend of ours whose dad Danny works at the Academy. Amber Cowell is in some of the CGA hockey pictures. Both of them are great athletes and it’s a lot of fun getting their pictures!

I’ve posted some photos here. Others are located at: 

Indiana Hockey Photographer: CGA Varsity vs. Traverse City

This past weekend, Ginny had to do a lot of editing work, so went to my first hockey game of the season. Due to some recent traveling and a busy schedule, I’m a little late with getting to the winter sports. This past weekend, there were two home hockey games between the CGA Varisty hockey team and Traverse City U19 Girl’s Team. I went to both and enjoyed photographing the CGA girls who played great games and won both of them.

I’ve posted my favorite photos here; others are posted at:

Saturday night’s game-

Sunday’s game-