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Indiana High School Photographer: Alex and Friends


Today, Ginny and I shot Culver Girls Academy senior Alex and her two friends. As we were shooting, I kept telling the girls and Ginny that they reminded me of Charlie’s Angels. In some of the shots, you’ll see why I thought this. These pictures also reflect some of the lasting friendships of Culver. You can tell these three are tight and have experienced Culver to the fullest. It was chilly today, but the pictures turned out beautifully. Ginny and I had a great time finding locations and trying out various shots to include all three girls. We wish all three the best as they approach their grad day.

Indiana Sports Photography: CMA Eagles Varsity Football vs. Andrean

Last night, the CMA Eagles varsity Football team hosted Andrean at Culver Academies for the second Sectionals game of the post-season tournament. As some may recall, Andrean was the team that ended Culver’s tournament run last year. Unfortunately, they were able to do the same this year. Culver suffered some injuries in the first half, but played their hearts despite the loss of some of their key players.  The opposing team appeared to have two or three times more kids on their team than Culver. I think they could have fielded three teams. Ginny and I hope the kids who were injured are doing better, and if not, we hope for speedy recoveries. I’ve posted some photos here. Others are located at:

Indiana Portrait Photographer: 60th Anniversary

 Last weekend, Ginny and I attended a family reunion to celebrate 60 years of marriage for the Roses. Mr. and Mrs. Rose were surrounded by their children, some of the people who stood up for them at their wedding, and several grand children and great grandchildren. We did some group shots, and then took some shots of the kids as they played. At one point, while I was taking a group shot of the children of the Roses, some of the great grandchildren made their way over to a set of chairs we had moved. One of the relatives yelled, “Get that shot.” I turned the camera just in time, as they started to climb out of the chairs just as quickly as they got into them. It was really funny to watch the kids follow each other from one setting to another. Ginny caught several shots of them playing in the sanbox and on the swing set. Some of the kids played in woods where they climed into trees and chased each other.

We had a great time photographing this family, as we witnessed how special it is when families get together to celebrate a long marriage. Ginny commented that it was nice that all of the families can get together, and one of the great grand kids said, “We do it all the time.” It’s unusual to see such large families getting together with such busy schedules, so we felt we were part of something special.


Indiana Sports Photographer: CMA Varsity Football vs. Knox High School

What a great way to for CMA to start their their post-season tournamanet! On Friday night of last week, the CMA Eagles played Knox High School in Knox and won! The Culver Academy Eagles started the game by scoring on their first pocession. After that, Culver’s offense and defence dominated the game. For the record, when Knox played well, they played really well and proved to be a tough opponent. Fortunately for Culver, Knox struggled and never quite came together as a team, allowing Culver to advance in the playoffs. The final score, Culver- 28 and Knox-13.  I’ve posted some photos here. For more photos, please visit:


Indiana Senior Pictures: Alyssa


 Last Friday was a beautiful day in Culver and perfect for senior pictures. This time, Alyssa from Crown Point, Indiana, joined us. Though from outside of Culver, Alyssa loves Culver and has vacationed here with her family the past few summers. Alyssa wanted to get some shots with the Fall leaves, the lake, and a willow tree she spotted on Culver Academies’ campus. She and her mom scouted out some scenes with us. My favorite line of the day was when we were in a field shooting and Alyssa’s mom said, “Adore the wheat, Alyssa.” Ginny and I laughed a lot and had fun shooting Alyssa. As you can see from her pictures, she has a natural affinity to the camera and is beautiful inside and out.  


Indiana Senior Pictures: Heather

Knox senior Heather joined us this past weekend for some senior photos. Heather is finishing her final year with a lot of success. She has already been accepted early to her college of choice and plans to live with two of her close friends when she starts next year. Until then, Heather is involved in cheerleading and getting ready for the prom. Heather chose a couple of her dresses for a photo shoot, which provided great color and contrast to the colors of Fall. Not only did we find out that Heather is a great athelete (and flexible), but she’s a kind and sincere person with a bright future.


Indiana Senior Pictures: Kaitlyn

About a week ago, we shot Kaitlyn’s senior photos. Kaitlyn is a senior at Culver Community Schools. She has a love of photography and takes pictures at sporting events, of friends, and so on. I get to see her when I’m at Culver shooting sports events. I always enjoy talking to her. She had some great locations in mind for her shoot, including a private property that still has some corn stalks standing, which made for a great background setting.  We enjoyed working with Kaitlyn. Her kind nature is evident in the photographs. We wish her all the best with her senior year and look forward to hearing about her plans for next year.


Indiana Sports Photographer: CMA Football vs. Fairfield

On Friday night, the Culver Academy Eagles proved that you can’t always believe what people say about a team. The statistics, the newspapers, and the general consensus were that Culver couldn’t win their Varsity Football game against Fairfield High School. Fortunately for Culver’s sake, no one affiliated with the CMA football program paid attention to the speculation. Playing against a much larger squad with a better record, the Culver Eagles showed up to play. And play they did! Culver played their hearts out and Fairfield was the team that made some crutial mistakes that lead Culver to an easy win. The final score was Culver- 40 and Fairfield- 13. I’ve posted some photos here. Other photos are located at:



Indiana Children’s Photography: Eliza and Avery


On Friday, Ginny and I shot two of our favorite subjects: Eliza and Avery. These sisters are beautiful, full of energy, and a lot of fun to hang with behind a camera. Their mom Wendy had them dressed in sun dresses given our high 70s weather. She also staged a picnic on Culver Academies’ campus in front of the lake. The girls were so interested in the nearby rock, lake, and field that they didn’t want much to do with the picnic area we set up, but we did manage to get some keepers. We had a great time capturing them as they played, each in their own world, and a few times with each other. Eliza liked the bright flowers and rock most, but she was cooperative when we asked her to follow Avery, so that we could get both in the same shot. Avery liked running in the grass and by the lake and in her bare feet, she was adorable discovering the open spaces around her. We often say that kids make the best subjects. In these pictures, you can see why. These girls are a joy to be around and we look forward to every shoot with them.


Indiana Sports Photography: CCHS Volleyball vs. New Prairie

On Thursday night, the JV and Varsity Volleyball teams from Culver Community High School played New Pairie High School  in Culver. In additiona to the games, there was also a ceremony to honor the two CCHS Seniors on the team.

The girls from Culver played hard, but New Praire proved to be a tough opponent and won both matches. I’ve posted a few photos here. Other are located at:

CCHS JV Volleyball-

CCHS Varsity Volleyball-