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CMA Prep and Varsity A Hockey Seniors

This evening, I photographed the CMA Prep Hockey Seniors and the Varsity A Seniors for their banners which will be hung during their senior ceremonies. In addition to the action photos that are used, we went ahead and got some full body photos as well as headshots. While waiting on the different groups, we even managed to get some fun photos of the players goofing around.

Please note that the lighting is intentional. When photographing for the hockey banners, I purposely set things so that the background is much darker than the primary subject.

The prep photos are posted to-
The Varsity A photos are posted to-

CMA Prep Hockey vs. Shattuck

Last night, the CMA Prep Hockey Team played Culver’s largest rival, Shuttuck St. Mary’s. As is always the case when these two teams play one another, it was a great game with a lot of excitement and action. Helping Culver’s cause, the students turned out in force to cheer their team on. The game was loud, fast paced, and a lot of fun to watch.

I’ve posted some photos here. Additional photos have been uploaded to:

CGA Varsity Basketball Photos

Yesterday’s CGA Varsity Basketball game was very exciting. Not only did the girls play a great game, but there was a lot of other events that accompanied the game. Before the game, the CGA seniors on the team had their senior ceremony where they are recognized with their parents. Also, before the game, the CMA Color Guard marched onto the court with the colors for the playing of the National Anthem. Lastly, the CGA Cheerleader were there cheering on the team.

I’ve posted a few photos here. Additional photos have been uploaded to the website at:
CGA Senior Ceremony
CMA Color Guard
CGA Cheerleaders
CGA Varsity Basketball

CMA CGA Fencing Photos

Yesterday, I tried to photograph Culver’s fencing tournament that was hosted on Culver Academies’ campus. For me, fencing touranments have always been one of the most difficult things to photograph. I don’t find them difficult because of the lighting or action or other cameras related reasons. I have a hard time with fencing because I can not tell who is who. First, everyone wears the same thing with no school or club identifying characteristics on them. I never know if the person in the white body suit is an Academy student or not. To make things worst, once they put their masks down, there is no way of recognizing the students that I know as I can’t see their faces. If a student or parent would ever be willing to point out the Academy students during a fencing match, let me know. I could get much better photos.

I’ve posted some photos below. Addition photos are uploaded to:

CGA Polo

Tonight, before the basketball game, I photographed the CGA Polo team as they hosted Detroit. I’ve posted some photos here. Additional photos are uploaded to:

CGA Dancevision

Tonight, during halftime at the CMA Basketball game, the CGA Dancevision squad performed. I’ve posted a few photos here. Additional photos are uploaded to:

CGA Cheerleading

Tonight, during the breaks in the basketball game, I had a chance to photograph the cheerleaders. I’ve posted a few photos here. Additional photos are uploaded to:

CMA Varsity Basketball

Tonight, after photographing some of the polo game, I went to the Fleet Gym and photographed some of the CMA Varsity Basketball game. I’ve posted a few photos below. Additional photos are uploaded to:

CMA JV, Varsity Basketball and Cheerleading Photos

Tonight, I photographed the CMA JV and Varsity Basketball teams as they South Bend St. Joseph as they played at Culver. While photographing the games, the CGA Cheerleaders performed. I’ve posted some photos here. Additional photos are posted at:
CMA JV Basketball-
CMA Varsity Basketball-
CGA Cheerleading-

CGA and Varsity A Hockey Photos

Yesterday, I photographed the CGA Varsity Hockey team and the CMA Varsity A Hockey team as they played at home in Culver. I’ve posted a few photos from the games below. Additional photos have been uploaded to:
CGA Hockey-
Varsity A Hockey-