Monthly Archives: May 2012

Engagement Photo Session: David and Samantha

Ginny was a teenager when one half of this couple was just a toddler and Ginny was his regular babysitter. She tells stories of his athletic talent, particularly in golf and how he was smart enough to bet her Dairy Queen treats on the golf course. She remembers how he’d birdie hole after hole to win blizzards. I think this must have been when Ginny learned how to spoil her niece, as she has always told me how she could never say no to David Haase or his sister. She was thrilled to hear of his engagement and upcoming wedding to the beautiful, down to earth, and kind Samantha (Sam). We had the pleasure of photographing them on campus for some engagement shots. When we leaving, Ginny said, “I’m so happy he found such a wonderful girl. I just love her.” David and his sister were part of our wedding, so we are thrilled to be part of his. We look forward to the big day.


Culver Academy Senior- Willie

Ginny and I had a great time photographing Willie, a senior heading off to college in Indianapolis where he’ll play football. Willie has worked for us this past year, so we’ve gotten to know what a great guy he is. It has been a pleasure getting to know someone we’ve been photographing in sports and now as he’s going off to college. We’ll be sure to keep tabs on this young man as he makes his way on the next step of his journey. We know he has a bright future ahead of him. Best of luck, Willie!

Culver Academy Senior Night Photos

This Spring, as I’ve done previous years, I photographed the Culver Academies seniors before their annual Senior Dinner Dance. For me, this is a very informal, casual, and fun event that I like covering as I’ve gotten to know many of the students over the years photographing their senior sessions, portrait sessions, and various sports. It is also one of the last times that I get to see the kids in a fun setting before they walk through the Gate or Arch when they aren’t running 16 different directions. As always the kids looked sharp and were dressed to impress. I’ve shared a few photos here. Other photos are posted at-