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Indiana Hockey Photography: CMA Prep vs. Lake Forest Academy

On Sunday afternoon, I watched the Prep Hockey Teams from Culver Academy and Lake Forest Academy play one another at Culver’s Henderson Ice Rink. There has always been a rivalry between these two hockey programs, as the schools areonly a couple hours away and each school often gets kids that might have gone to the other school. (I recall that 25 years ago, I had friends at LFA and it was one school that I considered when looking at Culver.) As one parent described the rivalry to me a few days before the game- “We are their Shattuck”. What he meant by this was that Culver Academy is one of Lake Forest’s hardest compititors and the team that it strives to beat each year. It is the game of the season that defines how well their program is this year.

As expected, the game was high energy and fast action. It was a little on the brutal side with a lot of penalties and a few injuries. Overall, though, it was a lot of fun to watch both teams play their hearts out. Culver did not disappoint. Though they gave up the first goal of the game, they took the win at a score of 5 to 2.

I’ve posted some photos here. Other photos are located at:

Indiana Sports Photography: CMA Regional Swimming and Diving

Saturday morning, I traveled to Warsaw, Indiana to cover the Sectionals Swimming and Diving competition that Culver Military Academy participated in. It was a long day with 12 events, but I enjoyed it quite a bit as I’ve had difficulty covering Culver Academy’s Swimming and Diving Teams in the past. (Culver’s natatorium is very dark, which limits the quality of photos that I’m able to take on campus where flash photography is prohibited during meets.) I didn’t have to use flash for these photos. My low-light lens and a higher ISO worked well.

Culver did well with a few students progressing to the next level of the state competition. The highlight of the afternoon was when Culver Academy Senior, David Devries, a student whose Senior Pictures I took in the Fall, broke two school records. While breaking the record in the 500 Yard Freestyle, David actually lapped the field.

I’ve posted a few photos here. Other photos are loacted at:

Indiana Hockey Photography: CMA U16 vs. West Michigan

This past Friday night, the CMA U16 hockey team hosted West Michigan at Culver Academies for a game. Surprisingly, the attendance was good considering that the Academies were on a long weekend break and there were few students left on campus.

During the game, Culver Eagles proved again the reason why they are ranked #5 in the country at this level. West Michigan played their hearts out, but they couldn’t challenge Culver. Worth noting, however was that even when faced with a huge deficit in goals, the West Michigan team never gave up or played as though they were defeated. The game was quite fun to watch and both teams appeared to play very cleanly. (There were few penalties.)

I’ve posted some photos here. Other photos are located at:

Indiana Hockey Photography: CMA Varsity vs. De la Salle

Last weekend was Senior Night for the CMA Varsity Hockey Team at Culver Military Academy as they played against De la Salle. Before the game, there was a short recognition of the seniors and their parents under the life-size banners of each senior that I produced. (See earlier post.) I see some of these players in the penalty box where I shoot from, but it was nice to see them with their parents getting the recognition of their years in Culver hockey, something they can be proud of… to see them with the banners was icing on the cake.

The game was a fun game to watch with a lot of action. Culver easily won with a score of 6-to-3. I’ve posted some photos here. Additional photos are located at:

IEA Photography: Culver’s Annual Cupid Challenge

Last weekend, Culver Academies hosted their annual IEA Valentine’s Invitational: The Cupid’s Challenge. This two-day event is always a lot of fun as there are usually around 100 kids from 18-20 horsemanship programs in attendance. The program includes both Jumping and Dressage competitions for every skill level. Being an IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) event, this show counts towards the point ranking systems that allows the participants to qualify for National Competition.

On Saturday, I attended and photographed the event, taking over 3,500 photos from 8:30am-6:30pm. As tired as I was, I kept reminding myself that many of the kids had been there since 6am for the schooling of the horses.

I’ve posted a few photos here. The rest of the photos are located by event class at:

CCHS Basketball vs. Argos High School

The Culver Community High School basketball teams are rocking it this year! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attend the girls’ games, but I did make it to the Sectional game for the boys last week. The Culver Cavaliers played their long-time rivals from Argos High School in JV and Varsity Basketball. All teams played well and were exciting to watch. Argos won the JV game but Culver won the Varsity game. I’ve included my favorite photos here. Other photos from the game are posted at:

Indiana High School Hockey: CMA U16 vs. CYA

This past weekend, the Culver Academy U16 hockey team played two games against the visiting Chicago Young Americans team. Both games were great to watch. Both of the teams played well, though there seemed to be several penalties on both sides. (I shoot from the penalty box.) Saturday night’s game was truly an upset with the CYA team dominating the game during the 2nd and 3rd periods to win. I have to credit the CYA team, as they played as well as I’ve seen any high school team play.

The game on Sunday was a different story. Culver led throughout the game and won easily.

I’ve posted some of my favorite photos here. There are hundreds more located at:

11-5-11 (Saturday’s Game)-

11-6-11 (Sunday’s Game)-

CMA Senior Hockey Banners

Last week, I photographed the seven seniors on Culver Academies’ Varsity Hockey team. Using their photos, I created senior banners that the team will hang during their senior recognition night on Saturday, February 12th. In the past year, I’ve done similar banners for some of the other sports teams. When printed, these really are sharp and life sized!

Let me apologize if the image quality doesn’t appear as crisp as one would expect. I had to shrink my original files (3 foot by 7 foot) to an image size that would actually load by most browsers.