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CMA Rugby Photos

I’ve posted the photos from the 3 CMA rugby games yesterday.
Game 1 (Varsity B)
Game 2 (JV)
Game 3 (Varsity A)


CMA Rugby Scrimmage Photos

This morning I photographed the CMA Rugby team as they played an intersquad scrimmage on Woodcraft’s field instead of their field out at the old airport. I’ve posted my favorite photos from the game here. Additional photos have been uploaded to:

CMA Rugby Photos vs. Penn High School

On May 14th, the Culver Academy Varsity Lacrosse Team played what turned out to be its final game for the season. CMA hosted Penn High School in the first game of the state playoffs. The Culver teammates played their hearts out and made a rally that looked as though they could pull out a win. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough time in the game to make it happen. Culver lost 12 to 15.

I’ve posted some photos here. Other photos are located at:

CMA Rugby Photos: Culver Academy Varsity vs. Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger

Yesterday, I photographed the  Culver Academy’s varsity rugby team as they hosted Fort Wayne’s Bishop Dwenger for an evening game at Fleet Field. Though Culver had a few players with injuries, they played exceptionally well. After scoring within the first minute of the game, they lead the entire game and won 30 to 10.

I’ve posted some photos here. There are a couple hundred more photos posted at:

CMA Rugby Photos: Culver Academy JV and Varsity vs. Arlington Stallions

I must admit that Rugby is becoming one of my favorite sports to shoot. I’m still not entirely sure what is going on during a game, but with each game, I understand a little more. With Rugby, there is so much action and opportunity for great photos, I find myself looking forward to each game.

The sun was actually shining a few weekends ago as Culver held Varsity and JV games at Fleet Field. The sun, my newest camera, which shoots 10 shots a second, the boys’ new uniforms, the opposing team having bright red in their uniforms, and the grass and trees finally getting some color made for some great photos. I can only imagine how the photos would turn out if Rugby were a Fall Sport played on the field.

Both of Culver’s team played well and really wanted to win. Unfortunately, they were out played by the Arlington Stallions.

I’ve posted my favorite photos here. Sorry. There are a lot of them. Other photos are located at:



Culver Academy Rugby Photos: CMA Varsity Rugby vs. South Bend Mercs

Yesterday afternoon, I started my busy schedule of shooting by traveling to Culver Academies’ no-longer-functioning airport at Fleet Field. This is where the CMA Rugby Team holds its games. Culver hosted the South Bend Mercs for both the JV and varsity (or A and B teams) games. The earlier clouds had cleared off and the temperature was comfortable enough to shed my jacket.

If you’ve read my earlier posts about the Rugby team, I must say that two things are changing. First, I’m beginning to understand the game a little better! After watching 4 or 5 games and talking with coaches, trainers, and the kids, I have a much better idea of what is going on than when the season started. Secondly, and more importantly, the team is coming together and playing well…extremely well. For as young as the Rugby program is at Culver, it has a ton of talent. Yesterday’s game was an easy win for Culver. At one point, after one of our scores, I heard the coach on the opposing team talking with his kids. He was being kind and complimentary (as opposed to being upset or angry about it) in telling them that we should be a Division (something) team, but Culver didn’t have enough kids in the program to be a part of that Division. As a spectator, I’ve noticed a huge difference between the skills of the teams playing in the past three weeks, so I think the Culver Eagles are peaking at the right time in the season, regardless of the Division they are in.

Check out how tough they play in these photos. There are more located at


Culver Academy Rugby Photos: CMA Varsity Rugby vs. Warsaw

This afternoon, despite a massive downpour, the CMA Varisty Rugby team hosted Warsaw at Culver Academy’s Fleet Field. It was a wet, muddy mess, but no one seemed to care as Culver scored in the first minute of the game. Culver played extremely well and won, even though Warsaw made a great effort in the second half of the game. I posted some photos here. Additional photos are at



Culver Academy Rugby Photos: CMA Varsity Rugby vs. Marion

This afternoon, as part of Culver’s Parents’ Weekend, the CMA Varsity Rugby team hosted a game with Marion. The weather was cloudy and rainy, but the game still went on and the kids played their hearts out. Culver lost, but they put forth a great effort. I’ve posted some photos here. Additional photos can be found at Due to some requests, I’ve also posted some monochrome (black and white) photos at


Culver Academy Rugby Photos: CMA JV Rugby vs. North Central

In the second rugby match of the day, the Culver Academy Eagles played against the JV Rugby Team of the North Central Panthers. The weather was great and both teams played well. It was exciting to watch and I’m thankful that Spring Sports have started and I’m back to shooting outdoor events. I’ve posted some photos here; there are several more at


Culver Academy Rugby Photos: CMA Varsity Rubgy vs. North Central

This afternoon, the CMA Eagles hosted the JV and Varisty rugby teams from North Central in Indianapolis. The weather was beautiful and the action on the field was intense. Following are some photos from the Varsity rugby game. There are additional photos at