CMA Rugby Photos: Culver Academy JV and Varsity vs. Arlington Stallions

I must admit that Rugby is becoming one of my favorite sports to shoot. I’m still not entirely sure what is going on during a game, but with each game, I understand a little more. With Rugby, there is so much action and opportunity for great photos, I find myself looking forward to each game.

The sun was actually shining a few weekends ago as Culver held Varsity and JV games at Fleet Field. The sun, my newest camera, which shoots 10 shots a second, the boys’ new uniforms, the opposing team having bright red in their uniforms, and the grass and trees finally getting some color made for some great photos. I can only imagine how the photos would turn out if Rugby were a Fall Sport played on the field.

Both of Culver’s team played well and really wanted to win. Unfortunately, they were out played by the Arlington Stallions.

I’ve posted my favorite photos here. Sorry. There are a lot of them. Other photos are located at:



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