Monthly Archives: April 2012

Culver Academy Senior- Courtney

The wind off of Lake Max was cold and fierce the day we photographed Courtney for her senior session. She was a trooper, though, changing outfits in between and hitting all the locations. Courtney has a beautiful smile to match her personality. We hope her future brings her much of the same success she had at Culver.

Culver Academy Senior- Will

This year, we had the honor to photograph a fellow classmate’s son. Lisa, parent to Will, the handsome young man in these photos, graduated a year ahead of Ginny and two years ahead of me. We’ve seen her around Culver since Will joined the ranks of cadets. We have also photographed Will numerous sports events, including football, which he’ll be continue on to play in college. We know why Will’s parents must be so proud, as he is truly a gentleman and as is kind as he is polite and cooperative behind the camera. We wish him all the best and hope we see him visiting his younger sister in Culver.


Culver Academy Senior- Rachel

This senior session was filled with great ideas, lots of color, and Rachel’s great personality. Ginny and  had a great time walking campus with Rachel, and her session was before the endless days of no rain, so the grass is green and campus looked great. So did our subject. We wish Rachel the best at college and with her future. We know she’ll have a smile on her face and a great attitude no matter what her future brings.


Culver Academy Senior- Dustin

We’ve known Dustin Cowell since his birth, as he has been a friend to Ginny’s family all of his life through the relationship they have with Dustin’s parents, Dan and Julie. Ginny’s nieces and nephews look up to Dustin as a role model. We can’t believe he’s heading to college in the Fall. Dustin had many successes at Culver. But most endearing of all of his qualities is Dustin’s capacity to care for others. He’s got an incredibly strong work ethic that we know will carry him through college, but we also know that his personal values will create achievements and friendships that will have an impact on those Dustin’s life touches. We wish him all the best in his future and look forward to seeing him when he’s home on breaks.