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Culver Academies’ Halloween 2011 Dance

Last weekend, I decided to venture to Culver Academies’ campus for their annual Senior Halloween party. Over the years, I’ve heard a little about this event, though I had never personally witnessed it. When Ginny and I attended Culver, they didn’t have a senior-only event for Halloweeen at Beason.

The party was a lot of fun and I have to say, the kids really do go all out with their costumes. There were some really good and creative ones that the kids came up with. I’ve posted some photos from the night here. To view additional photos from the evening’s crazy events, please visit our website at:

CMA Football Sectionals vs. South Bend’s St. Joseph

A few weekends ago, Culver Academies varsity football played their second Sectional game against South Bend St. Joseph. The Eagles fought hard and held their own for the first half of the game. At one point, Culver Academies led the game. At some point though, mistakes were made and South Bend got into their groove. I’ve posted some photos here. To see additional photos from Friday nights game, please visit our website at:

John & Cassie’s Family Shoot

 Late in the Fall, Cassie Schuldt contacted us about taking pictures of her, her sweet daughter, and her boyfriend John. We spent a couple of hours out at their property taking photos. It was one of the funnest shoots we’ve done. We had a great setting for pictures and some fun personalities, as you’ll see in the pictures. Following are a few from the batch.

Linley and Travis Engagment Shoot

A few weeks ago, Ginny and I shot the engagements photos for Linley and Travis, a couple getting married next year. Linley is Mallory Ulch’s sister. We shot Mallory and Troy’s wedding well over a year ago. We also had the honor of taking pictures of their new baby boy. We look forward to this next wedding.

CMA Varsity Football vs. Knox

 I’m posting these pictures late, but the CMA football team played so well at their first sectional game that I think you’ll agree that it’s better late than never. Ginny and I shot this game on a cold night, and what was the most fun was being on the sidelines with the team, as they really seemed to bond as a team. All of the players were upbeat throughout the game, encouraging each other and playing as if they knew they were going to win. It was a fun game. The final score was 44-12 with the Eagles being the victors.

To view additional photos from the game, please visit our website at

CGA Varsity Volleyball Sectionals vs. Jimtown

You would have never guessed it was so windy and cold outside with all the excitment and heat inside the Plymouth High School Gym Thursday night.  The Culver Academies CGA Varsity Volleyball girls killed it against Jimtown at the Sectionals with three amazing victories to bring home the win and conitnue their advance in the Sectionals. The first win was a close call for the Culver Academy girls with a score of 25-20, but not to be dissapointed, the fans got two out of the park (or should I say gym) matches with scores of 25-14 and 25-12. GREAT WIN LADY EAGLES.

As you look through the photos, please take notice of the determination and teamwork that the girls showed. The girls played really well and always had each others’ backs on the court. It was one of the funest volleyball games that I’ve watched.

To view additional photos from the nights exciting festivities, please visit our website at:

Joe Krsek Senior Photo Session

Last weekend, I traveled out into the country to photograph Culver community High School student Joe Kresk at his home.  The weather wasn’t the best for the session but realizing that out days for scheduling Fall sessions is quickly coming to an end, we decided to go ahead with the session. Joe was a big help during the session in that he had several locations already picked out that he wanted photos by and then he humored me with my suggestions. I hope that the computer that you view these photos on will show this–Joe has some of the bluest eyes we’ve ever seen on a person. They are really cool. For any skeptics out there… if they do not show up on your computer, these are his natural eyes as shot. I did not color enhance them or anything.

Final Fall Garrison Parade

This past weekend was Culver Academies’ final Garrison Parade for the season and the parade that marked the end of the CGA 40th Anniversary Celebration Weekend. I suspect that had this been any other parade and not the last 2011 parade and the 40th CGA Weekend, the parade would have probably been canceled. It rained. It rained A LOT! It was also quite cold. Surprising, while huddled under my umbrella, I still managed to get some photos. I did have to add a little light to the photos as it really wasn’t that bright out, but, all in all, I’m happy with the results.

In my usual fashion, I shot EVERYTHING–the kids forming up, the cadets and coeds walking and marching over, and the students goofing around before the parade got underway. I shot a lot of photos. I narrowed it down to 413 that I posted!

 To view additional photos from this event, please visit our website at:

CGA Honors Organizations-Equestriennes

Last weekend, as part of the CGA 40th Anniversary Celebration, the Equestrienne team performed. As always, the girls looked sharp. For a chance though, they did have a couple of horses that were a little higher strung than usual. I attribute this to the fact that it was a nice day and on Saturday morning, Culver Academy lets their horses out to play in the paddocks. The horses probably wanted to keep playing.

Here are some of the photos; additional photos can be found at our website:

CMA JV Football vs. Fairfield October 15th, 2011

This past Saturday morning, the CMA JV football team played a home game against Fairfield  The weather was nice but a little cold. If there hadn’t have been any wind, it would have been a nice day for a game. (I was wearing long johns. Last year, I learned my lesson at one of the late Fall Saturday morning games where I froze.)

If you’ve never witnessed a Saturday morning football game at Culver Academies, I’d highly recommend watching one sometime. The campus looks great, but what caught my eye were the horses. I’ll explain. Every Saturday morning, the Horsemanship Department lets the horses out their pens to run and get some exercise. Culver is very unique in that these exercise pens are right behind the visiting team’s bleachers. From where I was on the Eagle’s sideline, I had a perfect view of the opposing team’s fans and the horses. At the start of the game, one or two very young children were brave enough to venture over to the fence to talk with the horses and pet them. By the time the game was over, there were at least a dozen young kids doing the same thing. As I drove home from the game, I realized that those kids probably had more fun at this weekend’s game than any other in the season. I imagine that those kids will think back to the game with a smile.

In true Culver Academies form, there is always something going on. Saturday was no different. If anyone had wanted to take a break from the football game, within a few hundred yards, they could have watched Cross Country Regionals or a CGA Polo game. Or, if nothing else, they could have explored Culver’s beautiful campus and walked along the shore of Lake Maxinkuckee.

The Culver JV Football team played hard and tried. Unfortunately, their opponent, Fairfield High School, has an undefeated JV team. I’m told that this group of young men has been undefeated together for a couple of years. Watching the game, this was very obvious. The JV Eagles lost. It was still fun to watch and there were some great plays. I managed to get a lot of photos that I hope you will check out. (Football photos on a sunny day always turn out better than the ones taken under the lights.)

I’ve posted some of my favorite photos here. Others are located at: