Final Fall Garrison Parade

This past weekend was Culver Academies’ final Garrison Parade for the season and the parade that marked the end of the CGA 40th Anniversary Celebration Weekend. I suspect that had this been any other parade and not the last 2011 parade and the 40th CGA Weekend, the parade would have probably been canceled. It rained. It rained A LOT! It was also quite cold. Surprising, while huddled under my umbrella, I still managed to get some photos. I did have to add a little light to the photos as it really wasn’t that bright out, but, all in all, I’m happy with the results.

In my usual fashion, I shot EVERYTHING–the kids forming up, the cadets and coeds walking and marching over, and the students goofing around before the parade got underway. I shot a lot of photos. I narrowed it down to 413 that I posted!

 To view additional photos from this event, please visit our website at:

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