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Culver Academy JV Lacrosse Photos: CMA vs. South Bend St. Joseph

The CMA JV Lacrosse team hosted the South Bend St. Joseph team at Culver’s Oliver Field. It was a little overcast, which limited the colors that I could get as I shot.

Culver’s JV team played well and won 6-to-4.

I’ve posted some photos here. Other photos are located at:

CMA Rugby Photos: Culver Academy JV and Varsity vs. Arlington Stallions

I must admit that Rugby is becoming one of my favorite sports to shoot. I’m still not entirely sure what is going on during a game, but with each game, I understand a little more. With Rugby, there is so much action and opportunity for great photos, I find myself looking forward to each game.

The sun was actually shining a few weekends ago as Culver held Varsity and JV games at Fleet Field. The sun, my newest camera, which shoots 10 shots a second, the boys’ new uniforms, the opposing team having bright red in their uniforms, and the grass and trees finally getting some color made for some great photos. I can only imagine how the photos would turn out if Rugby were a Fall Sport played on the field.

Both of Culver’s team played well and really wanted to win. Unfortunately, they were out played by the Arlington Stallions.

I’ve posted my favorite photos here. Sorry. There are a lot of them. Other photos are located at:



CMA JV Baseball Photos: Culver Academy vs. Knox High School

Saturday morning, the CMA JV baseball team had a long day as they hosted Knox High School for a double header played at Culver Academies. The weather was deceiving and it was much colder out than expected with the sun shining. The CMA Eagles played well and tried hard but they were no match for the experienced team from Knox. The weather has canceled so many games and outdoor practices this season that you can understand why Culver struggled in this game.

I’ve posted some of my favorite photos here. Other photos are located at:

Indiana Lacrosse Photos: Culver Academy Varsity vs. South Bend St. Joseph

Friday night, the Culver Academies Varsity Lacrosse team hosted South Bend St. Joseph’s Lacrosse team for an evening game played on Oliver Field overlooking Lake Maxinkuckee. The weather was nice and the lighting was good for getting some great action photos. With the sun starting to set, I managed to get some cool colors and neat shadows. As expected, the CMA Eagle played well, easily winning 12-to-2.

Before the game started, Culver honored their Seniors with Senior Ceremony, which is now a tradition with all of the sports.

I’ve posted some of my favorite photos here. There are several other photos and photos from the Senior Ceremony located at:

Girl’s JV Softball Photos: CGA vs. North Judson

Wow, it was a busy weekend at Culver Academies! As always, Culver tried to fit as many events as possible into their Spring Parent’s Weekend. For a change, the weather was quite nice, so I attempted to photograph as many things as possible. I’ll go ahead and apologize in advance, as there were few games that I managed to stay through the entire game. There were just too many things going on and too many others places I was trying to get to over the weekend.

On Friday night, I got a chance to watch my first softball game of the season. The CGA JV Softball team hosted North Judson High School. The Culver girls were a lot of fun to watch as they had so much fun playing. The girls struggled but it never appeared to affect their moods or the fact they were having fun and enjoying themselves. In their defense, I’m told that many of the girls have never played softball before. Knowing that, I think they did well.

I’ve posted my favorite photos here. Other photos from the game are located at:

Banners, Banners, Everywhere

It has been a busy week here at the office with a lot of time spent in Photoshop creating senior banners for 12 students from three different sports. Normally, these are produced in 3′x7′ dimensions, but this time, it was a little different. Because of a special request for the golf banner and hanging restrictions for the rugby banners, I had to alter my design to accomindate a 2′x5′ layout. (If you’ve ever been to an Academy Rugby game, you probably noticed that there is no place to hang anything out at the field. The only place to hang banners is in the Rugby tent which is 6′ tall.)

If you have never seen the banners before, you should go see them. They are sharp and are a great memorbilia item that the students can hang at home or take with them to college. Normally, I create these with sport images, though I have been asked to create them for friends or of a student in uniform, and so onw.

Culver Lacrosse Photos: CGA JV and Varsity vs. Carmel High School

Last weekend, the sun was shining for a change as I shot my first lacrosse games of the season. The JV and Varsity teams of CGA hosted Carmel High School for back to back games Saturday afternoon. You can’t tell from the photos, but the field was a soggy mess from all of the rain that we’ve had.

The Culver girl’s JV team played an exceptional game, easily winning with a score of 11-to-2. The CGA Varsity team really struggled throughout their game and did not play up to their potential. They did have a great rally late in the game, but it was too little, too late. I’ve posted my favorite from both games here. Other photos are located at:

CGA JV Lacrosse vs. Carmel High School-

CGA Varsity Lacrosse vs. Carmel High School-

Indiana Sports Photography: CMA JV Baseball vs. Pioneer

Last week, the sun actually came out for a bit as the Culver Academy JV Baseball team hosted Pioneer High School.  Having the sun shining was a little deceiving as it was still very cold. I struggled to stay warm, so I’m sure the fans were cold.

Both teams played well considering it was very early in the season as several games have been canceled this season due to weather and other factors. Culver ultimately won with a score of 6-to-5. I’ve posted some photos here. Other photos are located at:

Culver Academy Senior Photos: Tom O’Neil

 A couple of weeks ago, Ginny and I shot senior pictures of Tom O’Neil. His mom joined us on the shoot. Tom is a laid back guy with a great smile. We had a windy day because of earlier rain, but Tom had patience with getting some shots. I think his mom also promised a nice meal afterward. We had a great time shooting him and wish him all the best when he heads off to Chicago for college.

Indiana Sports Photography: CMA Varsity Baseball vs. CCHS

Earlier this week, the Culver Academies Varsity Baseball Team hosted the Culver Community High School team. Both teams played very well and managed to keep the score close. The CMA team won with a score of 3-to-2. I’ve posted some photos here; there are several more posted at: