Girl’s JV Softball Photos: CGA vs. North Judson

Wow, it was a busy weekend at Culver Academies! As always, Culver tried to fit as many events as possible into their Spring Parent’s Weekend. For a change, the weather was quite nice, so I attempted to photograph as many things as possible. I’ll go ahead and apologize in advance, as there were few games that I managed to stay through the entire game. There were just too many things going on and too many others places I was trying to get to over the weekend.

On Friday night, I got a chance to watch my first softball game of the season. The CGA JV Softball team hosted North Judson High School. The Culver girls were a lot of fun to watch as they had so much fun playing. The girls struggled but it never appeared to affect their moods or the fact they were having fun and enjoying themselves. In their defense, I’m told that many of the girls have never played softball before. Knowing that, I think they did well.

I’ve posted my favorite photos here. Other photos from the game are located at:

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