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Indiana Hockey Photography: CMA U16 and Prep Team

I’m sorry that this post is over a week old. Things have been hectic here in Culver and I’m just now getting caught up. Saturday of January 28th was a busy night for hockey in Culver. Simultaneously, there were two hockey games going on at the same time. One was between the Culver Academy U16 hockey team and the Indy Jr. Ice. The second game was between the CMA Prep team and St. Mary’s. I had a bouncing back and forth routine between the rinks that got to be a bit hectic at times. To further complicate things, each rink has different lighting that requires camera adjustments when switching rinks. I posted some of my favorite shots from the night. Other photos are located at:

U16 vs. Indy Jr. Ice-

Prep team vs. Orchard Lake St. Mary’s-

Michigan Sports Photography: Nieces and Nephews Basketball

A couple of weeks ago, Ginny and I traveled to Monroe, Michigan to watch and shoot our niece and nephew play basketball. The kids are young, but they actually had a great grasp of the game and were a lot of fun to watch. All of the kids played well and had a lot of fun. The gym was quite dark compared to high school venues, but with a few adjustments, I was able to get some great shots. If anyone is curious, our niece and nephew are easy to pick out in the photos as they are the tall, blonde kids on the St. Mike’s teams. They are really great kids… and we discovered, they are pretty good at basketball.

I’ve posted some photos here. Others are located at:
Boy’s game-

Culver Hockey Photographs: CMA Varsity vs. Prairie Ridge High School

On Friday night, the CMA Varsity hockey team played Prairie Ridge High School from Illinois. Having lost to this team 4 of the 5 times they played one another last year, the game was expected to be quite close  and exciting.  The players did not disappoint their fans. The game was filled with a lot of action and great play, and Culver pulled off the victory with a win of 4 to 2. I’ve posted some photos here. Additional photos are located at:

Indiana High School Hockey: CMA Varsity vs. Penn High School

The other night, the CMA Varsity Hockey team hosted Penn High School for a game played at Culver Academies. The game started interesting enough with Penn playing hard and scoring the first goal. With that, it appeared that Culver might have a struggle with the game. Culver regrouped and fought to win 6-3. It was an exciting game to watch with both teams playing hard. I shoot from the penalty box and saw a lot of players come through it at this game! I’ve posted some photos here. Other photos are located at:

Indiana Sports Photography: CMA Wrestling vs. St. Joe

Earlier this week, I photographed the Culver Academies Wrestling match against St. Joe High School at Culver. It was a quick match because St. Joe does not have a full wrestling squad with only 9 weight classes. CMA won most of the classes, though St. Joe did get the upper hand in a couple of them. I’ve posted a few photos here. Other photos from the event are located at: