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2014 Cupid Tournament Photos

I’ve finished posting the photos from Saturday’s IEA Cupid Horseshow. The photos are posted to:

IEA Horseshow Photos

It took a few days to get through them as there was close to 2000 photos, but I’ve finally posted the photos from Saturday’s IES Horseshow held at Culver. The galleries from Saturday’s events are at:

2013-2014 CMA/CGA Jumping Team Photos

Last night, I photographed the CMA/CGA Jumping Team. After the formal team photo, I took some individual photos of the seniors then some fun photos with all the seniors. I’ve posted the photos to:

IEA Horseshow Photos

Last Sunday, Culver Academies hosted the IEA Zone 5 Regional Finals at the Jud Little Riding Hall. Though it was a long day, I managed to get a lot of great photos. I’ve posted a few here. Additional photos are uploaded by Class to:

Culver Academies Horse Show

Ealier today, I photographed a portion of the IEA horse show hosted by Culver Academy. I’ve posted some of the photos below. For all the photos that I took, please visit:

Horsemanship Jumping-Fall Jump Show 2011

One of my favorite things to do is photograph horses. Photographing them during the jumping shows/tournaments is a lot of fun, though the lighting in the arena is so tricky. I’ve been experimenting with camera settings, lenses, and software-editing tools. I have finally found some combinations that I like. The Culver jumping team members do an amazing job at these tournaments. If you haven’t seen them compete, you should come out and watch them, as they perform well and represent Culver like true champions. And the horses aren’t too bad either!  

 To view additional photos from the show, please visit our website at

CGA Honors Organizations-Equestriennes

Last weekend, as part of the CGA 40th Anniversary Celebration, the Equestrienne team performed. As always, the girls looked sharp. For a chance though, they did have a couple of horses that were a little higher strung than usual. I attribute this to the fact that it was a nice day and on Saturday morning, Culver Academy lets their horses out to play in the paddocks. The horses probably wanted to keep playing.

Here are some of the photos; additional photos can be found at our website:

2011 Culver Academies’ Fall Parents Weekend

Wow, what a busy weekend Fall Parent’s Weekend at Culver Academy was this year. In addition to the 2000+ photos that I took, the Academy has asked that I post their photos from the weekend as well. For me, this is a first, but I like it. For once, I’m able to post photos from events that were going on at the same time. In the galleries from the weekend, we have: Garrison parade, officer’s figure, classroom and candids, sports photos, Founder’s Day Retreat, the horsemanship activities, and the Honor Organizations to name a few.

 I’ve posted all of the photos under one main heading called “2011 Fall Parent’s Weekend.” Within that category, there are several galleries, so finding specific photos should be easier.

 I’ve posted a few of my favorites from the weekend here. Please visit,  for all of the photos.

IEA Photography: Culver’s Annual Cupid Challenge

Last weekend, Culver Academies hosted their annual IEA Valentine’s Invitational: The Cupid’s Challenge. This two-day event is always a lot of fun as there are usually around 100 kids from 18-20 horsemanship programs in attendance. The program includes both Jumping and Dressage competitions for every skill level. Being an IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) event, this show counts towards the point ranking systems that allows the participants to qualify for National Competition.

On Saturday, I attended and photographed the event, taking over 3,500 photos from 8:30am-6:30pm. As tired as I was, I kept reminding myself that many of the kids had been there since 6am for the schooling of the horses.

I’ve posted a few photos here. The rest of the photos are located by event class at:

Indiana Sports Photography: Culver Academy Horse Show Invitational


This past weekend, the Culver Academy Jumping teams hosted an IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) invitational horse show at the Vaughn Equestrienne Center. Originally scheduled for two days, due to bad forecasted weather, the event was shortened to a single day with only a couple of visiting teams. Though the event was shortened, the Academy did a wonderful job of hosting it and everyone appeared to have a good time. And I hope you’ll agree with me that the horses were not only great performers but beautiful to watch and photograph. I’m a horse lover and was a trooper at Culver, so I tend to watch the horses more than the people.

I’m always so impressed with the students and teams at these horse events. It’s just a classy sport to watch and capture on film. The Academy students did well in the different events, taking several first places, seconds, and thirds. They should be proud of another great performance. I look forward to the big February event.

I’ve posted some of my favorite photos here. Other photos are located at: