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CMA & CGA Cross Country Photos

This afternoon, I photographed the CMA and CGA Cross Country Teams as they competed at Culver in the Sectionals. I’ve posted the photos to:

Regional Cross Country Match

Yesterday, I photographed the CMA and CGA Cross Country teams as they played in the Regional match hosted by Culver Academies. I’ve postd some photos here. Additional photos have been uploaded to:



Culver Boys and Girls Cross Country Photos

Yesterday, I photographed the CMA and CGA Cross Country Sectionals at Culver Academies. The photos are posted at:



Culver Academies Parents’ Weekend- Day 1

Today, I photographed the first events of the 2012 Fall Parents’ Weekend at Culver Academies. The CMA and CGA Cross Country teams had a home match which was followed by the Founder’s Day Retreat. I’ve posted a few photos here. To view additional photos, please visit-

CGA & CMA Cross Country Invitational Photos

Photos from the Culver Academies’ Cross Country Invitational are posted to:

CMA/CGA Cross Country Regional Invitational

 It was a very nice day (not too hot) on Culver Academies’ campus this past weekend for the Regional Cross Country Invitational.  Just the kind of day you would expect in the Fall and just the kind of day made for long-distance running along the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee.  Both Culver Academy boys and girls did a tremendous job and gave 110% effort.

The end result was a 1st place finish for the CMA team and a 2nd place finish for the CGA team. To view additional photos from this event, visit our website at:  as well as:


Culver Invitational Cross Country Meet

This past weekend, Culver Academies hosted their annual cross country invitational on campus. I don’t know how the runners focus on their race when part of the race path goes along the beautiful shores of Lake Maxinkuckee. I think I’d have to stop and take it all in, but these young people have a way of staying focused. The invitational has grown over the years into one of the largest cross country events in the Midwest with over 3,000 runners competing. If you’ve never had the chance to observe it, I’d recommend watching it one of these years. Just seeing the traffic of cars coming into the town and campus was an amazing thing to see. The tournament is an energy-filled day with a lot going on. Seeing all of the colorful tents to mark each team’s “camp” is a sight to behold, as they are all over campus. A BIG, BIG, BIG hats off to Coach Chastain who organizes this event every year. He pulls it off in an organized, safe fashion.

Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell mother nature that this event was going on. The weather did not cooperate. It rained quite hard for a portion of the day, which limited the photos that I was able to get. Between wet gear, water spots on my lens, and a fogged lens, I was unable to get photos from several of the races. However, I did attempt to capture what I could. I have posted some photos here. Other photos are located at:



Indiana Sports Photography: Culver Academy Cross Country

Earlier this week, I had the chance to shoot the CGA and CMA cross country teams as they hosted a meet against Triton High School. The weather was nice but windy on Culver Academy’s campus as the kids ran along the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee. Culver did very well and won both the boys and girls meets. CGA Junior, Kacie Hermanson, was the winner for CGA. Some followers of this blog might recall that I met and shot Kacie over this past summer. I always enjoy when I actually know some of the kids and have some favorites to cheer for when I’m shooting sports. Way to go, Kacie! The other great thing about shooting this meet is that you get to see some of the beauty of Culver’s campus.

I’ve posted a few photos here. Other photos can be found at:

CGA Cross Country-

CMA Cross Country-


Culver Academy Photographer: Cross Country Sectionals at Culver Academy

This afternoon, Culver Academy hosted the Regional Tournament for boys and girls cross country. With clear skies and over a dozen schools being represented, it was a great success. I primarily focused on shooting the Culver Community School Corporation and Culver Academy teams. Instead of creating four sperate blog entires (CCHS Boys, CCHS Girls, CHA Boys, and CGA Girls), I’ve decided to bunch everything into a single entry. On the photos have been divided out by school and team for easier viewing. I believe that Culver Academy placed first, second, and third in the boys event and first and second in the girls.