Monthly Archives: January 2010

Culver Indiana Photography: Some Random Shots

Today I went out in search of things to find. I really wasn’t looking for anything in particular though I had to shoot using very specific camera settings. These photos were all taken using the Auto Area Focus mode and the Programmed Auto mode and no exposure compensation. In layman’s terms, the photos that you see were taken so that the camera could determine settings. For all practical purposes, for these photos, I set the D300s up as closely to being a point and shoot camera as  possible. I prefer not to shoot in Auto Programmed mode, but this was a good exercise.


Culver Academy Hockey Photos: CMA U16 Hockey vs. Detroit Central Catholic

The CMA U16 Hockey teams wins again! With a final score of 6-to-1, Culver Academy had no difficulty winning against Detroit Central Catholic. Both teams played well and fairly with very few fouls throughout the game. I’ve posted some photos here; there are many more at


Culver Academy Fencing Photos: Culver Fencing Tournament

Today, the Culver Fencing Teams hosted one of the largest fencing tournaments in the Midwest. With close to 200 kids competing in 20-30 different areas, this event was something to witness. I’ve never watched fencing, though I found it interesting. I’ve posted a few photos here; there are more at I apologize that there are not as many as I post for some events that I cover, but I found myself having a difficult time keeping track of the Academy students versus other teams, as everyone looked the same in their uniforms.