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Culver Indiana Photography: CCHS Graduation


On Friday night, I attended Culver Community High School’s Graduation Ceremony at the gymnasium at the High School. I’ve always enjoyed watching this ceremony, as doing so drives home for me what life in a small town is all about… the community. During the event, I often look around and notice a few other people I know. Like myself, these people do not have kids or grandkids graduating. Instead, they attend to show support for the students and their community. I wanted to shoot the event to ensure someone was capturing this event.

Unlike many graduations that I’ve photographed over the years, the mood of this ceremony is joyous, and the students are truly happy knowing they will see other over the summer months to come and before going off to college or careers. As you can see in the photos, the ceremony ends with a big bang and a lot of silly string! This appears to be a tradition at the school, as I’ve now witnessed it three times. Congrats to all of the Culver seniors. We wish you many successes in your future. Following are some photos from the evening’s celebration. You can find more at


Culver Indiana Photographer: Stephen Keisler Senior Shoot

On Sunday morning, I shot Culver Academy senior Stephen Keisler. It was a beautiful day for shooting, though the sun was almost too bright for the locations that we wanted. Stephen was a good sport and patient as I played with my camera settings in an attempt to overcome the effects the sun had. Stephen was energetic and excited to try different poses and locations. Stephen’s girlfriend Kirsten (I photographed her over Spring Break) accompanied him, so I went ahead and included her in a few of the photos.


Culver Academy Reunion Photos: Honor Group Performances

As a final wrapup to Reunion Weekend–a long, busy weekend for me–were the performances of Culver Academy’s Honor Organizations on Sunday afternoon. The cadets and coeds that make up the Equestriennes, Lancers, 4 Gun Drill, Silent Drill Team, and Girl’s Drill Team put on great shows. It was a nice end to a nostalgic weekend.

I’ve posted a few photos here. Others can be found at


Culver Academy Reunion Photos: Class of 1970

On Saturday afternoon, after the Crew Regatta, I was tasked with following and photographing Culver Academy’s Class of 1970 as they enjoyed their various events during their 40th Reunion. This shoot was a whole lot of fun, and the alum were great. It was a pleasure to be around for the hours I spent shooting them. I hope my class has as much energy, charisma, and fun in 2027 when we’re back for our 40th. I took EVERYTHING with me on this shoot: lights, flashes, multiple cameras, multiple lenses, spare batteries. I looked like I was moving when I first met up with the group, but I’m glad I had equipment for all lighting, as I was with them for several hours.

I’ve posted some photos here. Others can be found at  Please note that some of the people in the individual photos are spouses or guests of the Class of 1970. The group photo shows the graduates.


Culver Academy Reunion Photos: Garrison Parade

On Saturday afternoon, the weather changed and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Actually, it was a little miserable when the rain moved out, as it became very hot and humid. With the clear skies, however, the Reunion Weekend Garrison Parade took place on Culver’s main parade field that overlooks Lake Maxinkuckee. The cadets and coeds (Girls Flag Corp) looked great and put on a parade that would make any alum proud.

For all of our local fans out there, I’ve included a shot of our very own summer icon Dusty Hendricks as he marched by in review. With only 3 members of his class in attendance, you can tell from the smile on his face that it didn’t distract him from having a fun weekend.

I’ve posted some photos here. Others are located at


Culver Academy Reunion Photos: Crew Regatta

On Saturday morning, I was out the door by 6:45 a.m. to catch the Culver Crew Regatta, as this was only the second time this season that the Culver Academy Crew Teams competed on Lake Maxinkuckee. I shot the team during practice a few weeks ago and wanted to get them competing and in their uniforms.

If you’ve followed my blogs, you’ve probably figured out that the weather here in Culver is unpredictable and has not been my friend this Spring. Saturday morning was no different. The event started almost an hour late due to the weather. It was hazy, foggy, and overcast. At one point, it even started to rain enough that I put my protective gear on my camera.

I apologize for not getting more pictures of the boys’ crew teams, but during the five hours that I was there, most of the races were of the girls’ teams. I would have loved to stayed longer, but being Culver’s Reunion Weekend, I had committed to following one of the alumni classes around as members attended their events.

I’ve posted some of the crew photos here. Others can be found at:

Girls 2-Person-

CGA Girls 4-Person-

Visiting Girls 4-Person-

Girls 8-Person-

Boys 4-Person-

Boys 8-Person-


Culver Indiana Sports Photography: Culver Middle School Track Meet

Yesterday afternoon, I got to shoot the Northern Indiana Middle School Conference Track Meet, which was held at Culver Community High School. This event was originally planned for Monday but rescheduled due to rain. Overall, I believe Culver did well. It is difficult to know for sure because there were so many events going on at the same time. I know that long-time family friend Amber Cowell easily won her hurdles qualifier and hurdles race. She was pretty spectacular to watch, and I did catch her in action. Way to go, Amber, you made the cover of this blog entry! And note how far ahead Amber is of her competition in this photo. 

I did the best that I could to shoot all of the events, but it was difficult because they happen at different ends of the field. And I have to tell you that I like shooting the action-oriented activities, such as jumping and hurdles. Some of these young people look like they can fly! I left before some of the relays and longer races happened because of my schedule and fading light. I look forward to another track meet. Following are some photos of the various participants and events. You can find others at



Culver Indiana Senior Pictures: Brock Elliot Senior Photos


This afternoon, Ginny and I had the opportunity to shoot Culver Community High School senior Brock Elliott. If the name sounds familiar, it is because we photographed Brock’s cousin Kirsten several weeks ago. Brock decided to shoot in two different shirts and in his varsity football jersey. We also shot in two locations, which allowed us to take advantage of different back drops and lighting scenarios.  Family friends (the Bendy family) of the Elliotts were generous enough to offer their lake property for our second location. Mike (Brock’s dad) has known the Bendy family since his childhood. He and his dad did the lanscape work at this lake house. They did an amazing job, creating one of the most beautiful settings on the lake. And, the house sits at one of the highest points on the lake, creating a dramtic effect that leads from the house to the lake. Ginny and I were impressed by the layers of plants, the colors, and the way everything brought out the beauty of the house and the lake. Here are some shots of Brock who will be heading to college in the Fall.


Culver Indiana Photography: Tour de Max

Yesterday morning started early for Ginny and me, especially given it was a Saturday. We were up at 6 a.m. and out the door by 7 a.m. We were asked to be the photographers for the local chapter of Tri Kappa’s annual Tour de Max. Each year, Tri Kappa holds its Tour de Max, which is a fun ride for cyclists and draws over 150 participants from the surrounding states. This year, Karen Heim and her Tri Kappa sisters did a great job of organizing the event. The parking lot at the town park was almost full when we arrived, and when we quit shooting at 11:00, it was completely full. Riders had the option of cycling set courses of 10, 30, or 63 miles long. All rides started with a scenic ride around Lake Maxinkuckee. If riding one of the longer courses, the riders continued into the beautiful country roads that surround Culver. (If you are a follower of my blog, you’ve probably seen some of the scenic discoveries that Ginny and I have come across as we wander the country roads looking for things to photograph.) We had a good time setting ourselves up at various locations. We also shot some of the SAG stops where riders check in and get refreshments. It was a beautiful day and we had a good time shooting the riders. We hope they had as much fun as we did!

We are donating all proceeds from photo sales from yesterday’s event. We’ve posted some photos here. There are over 300 more located at


Culver Indiana Photography: Culver Academy Horses

There are a few things in life that Ginny and I can’t resist. Me, I can’t sit down on the couch without changing into comfy clothes. Ginny will never discard an email from J. Jill, Pottery Barn, or Crate and Barrel without first opening it to read it. (Thankfully, she doesn’t buy things too often.) Neither one of us can be near horses with a camera in hand without taking at least a few photos. During yesterday’s Tour de Max, one location that we shot the cyclists from was by Culver Academy’s paddock, which had the horses out for the morning. Following are some of the photos that we captured.