Culver Indiana Sports Photography: Culver Middle School Track Meet

Yesterday afternoon, I got to shoot the Northern Indiana Middle School Conference Track Meet, which was held at Culver Community High School. This event was originally planned for Monday but rescheduled due to rain. Overall, I believe Culver did well. It is difficult to know for sure because there were so many events going on at the same time. I know that long-time family friend Amber Cowell easily won her hurdles qualifier and hurdles race. She was pretty spectacular to watch, and I did catch her in action. Way to go, Amber, you made the cover of this blog entry! And note how far ahead Amber is of her competition in this photo. 

I did the best that I could to shoot all of the events, but it was difficult because they happen at different ends of the field. And I have to tell you that I like shooting the action-oriented activities, such as jumping and hurdles. Some of these young people look like they can fly! I left before some of the relays and longer races happened because of my schedule and fading light. I look forward to another track meet. Following are some photos of the various participants and events. You can find others at















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