Banners, Banners, Everywhere

It has been a busy week here at the office with a lot of time spent in Photoshop creating senior banners for 12 students from three different sports. Normally, these are produced in 3′x7′ dimensions, but this time, it was a little different. Because of a special request for the golf banner and hanging restrictions for the rugby banners, I had to alter my design to accomindate a 2′x5′ layout. (If you’ve ever been to an Academy Rugby game, you probably noticed that there is no place to hang anything out at the field. The only place to hang banners is in the Rugby tent which is 6′ tall.)

If you have never seen the banners before, you should go see them. They are sharp and are a great memorbilia item that the students can hang at home or take with them to college. Normally, I create these with sport images, though I have been asked to create them for friends or of a student in uniform, and so onw.

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