Culver Academy Rugby Photos: CMA Varsity Rugby vs. South Bend Mercs

Yesterday afternoon, I started my busy schedule of shooting by traveling to Culver Academies’ no-longer-functioning airport at Fleet Field. This is where the CMA Rugby Team holds its games. Culver hosted the South Bend Mercs for both the JV and varsity (or A and B teams) games. The earlier clouds had cleared off and the temperature was comfortable enough to shed my jacket.

If you’ve read my earlier posts about the Rugby team, I must say that two things are changing. First, I’m beginning to understand the game a little better! After watching 4 or 5 games and talking with coaches, trainers, and the kids, I have a much better idea of what is going on than when the season started. Secondly, and more importantly, the team is coming together and playing well…extremely well. For as young as the Rugby program is at Culver, it has a ton of talent. Yesterday’s game was an easy win for Culver. At one point, after one of our scores, I heard the coach on the opposing team talking with his kids. He was being kind and complimentary (as opposed to being upset or angry about it) in telling them that we should be a Division (something) team, but Culver didn’t have enough kids in the program to be a part of that Division. As a spectator, I’ve noticed a huge difference between the skills of the teams playing in the past three weeks, so I think the Culver Eagles are peaking at the right time in the season, regardless of the Division they are in.

Check out how tough they play in these photos. There are more located at









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