Indiana High School Photographer: Alex and Friends


Today, Ginny and I shot Culver Girls Academy senior Alex and her two friends. As we were shooting, I kept telling the girls and Ginny that they reminded me of Charlie’s Angels. In some of the shots, you’ll see why I thought this. These pictures also reflect some of the lasting friendships of Culver. You can tell these three are tight and have experienced Culver to the fullest. It was chilly today, but the pictures turned out beautifully. Ginny and I had a great time finding locations and trying out various shots to include all three girls. We wish all three the best as they approach their grad day.

One Response to Indiana High School Photographer: Alex and Friends

  1. Deborah Van Pelt says:

    Wonderful pictures of Alex and friends. The girls had so much fun doing this and thought you both very nice. You got the best smiles! Good job!

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