Indiana Hockey Photographer: Culver Academy Prep Hockey Tournament

Wow what a busy schedule! Last weekend, Culver Academy’s Prep Hockey Team hosted a tournamanet with six visiting teams from the U.S. and Canada. I attended (with my camera): 4 games, 1 locker room parent’s open house, a party, a ceremony for the seniors, and an awards ceremony. For me, it meant close to 15 hours of shooting, 3000+ photos to sort through, and at least 12 hours of editing. I was tired by Sunday night, but I can’t forget that there were others who probably worked harder over the weekend than me. A big shout out to Keith, Greg, and Rosie, the trainer. All three were there at the rink every time I was.

The last game of the season is always a little sad for me with any team, as I get to know many of the parents and kids. For the seniors, this is especially true as it was their last game with their team and most likely the last time that they’ll play in the Henderson Ice Rink. After the last game of any season, you can see the emotion on the kids’ faces as most realize this fact.

Culver played well in the tournament taking second place overall. They played against UCC, Ridley, NSA, and St. Louis. Culver easliy won their first three games, but they struggled in the final game on Sunday with St. Louis.

Following are a few of my my favorite photos from the four games. I’ve posted additional photos seperated by game at:

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