Culver Academy Senior- Carina


After the dust from a busy Graduation Weekend settled, Ginny and I had the opportunity to photograph Culver Girls Academies senior Carina before she went home to Florida. Carina is a beautiful subject. We wish her the best of luck in her future. We are certain it’s going to be filled with many achievements.

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  1. Caterina Conti says:

    Awesome photos. Thank you so much Grant and Ginny Munroe. We shot the photos in a hurry, calling you on the spur of the moment, literally last minute, 2 hrs. before leaving for the airport, to get some Senior pictures because we couldn’t bare parting from the awesome school and magnificent campus without some beautiful life time memories. I had researched several photographers in the area and couldn’t make up my mind but was ultimately drawn to CGM’s natural photography style. Grant was extremely cooperative and sensitive to our needs. Although, my daughter and I arrived quite stressed for the shoot, Grant and his wife managed to put her at ease in no time. Grant and Ginny photographed simultaneously, they were wonderful to work with, very professional, calm, patient and, above all, efficient. Since the Culver campus is enormous, it was extremely helpful and time saving to move about in their golf cart. As a former professional model, I’m rather picky when it comes to photos of my daughter but CGM managed to pleasantly surprise me. They understood exactly what kind of pictures I wanted and what my daughter had it mind (which wasn’t exactly the same). The result was fantastic. We couldn’t have been more pleased. My daughter felt at ease during the entire shoot and as a result the photos turned out very beautiful and natural. CGM’s pricing is very reasonable. We highly recommend CGM and will definitely use the in the future during a class reunion.

  2. Carina Conti says:

    I’m so glad I decided to get senior pictures taken! Now, I not only have a great way of remembering this significant part of my life, but the picture taking process was also a fantastic experience and a wonderful way to say goodbye to a campus which I love so much. Thank you Grant and Ginny for making me feel so comfortable and confident and for making the process so much fun. The pictures are beautiful!

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