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Indiana Hockey Photographer: Culver Academy Prep Hockey Tournament

Wow what a busy schedule! Last weekend, Culver Academy’s Prep Hockey Team hosted a tournamanet with six visiting teams from the U.S. and Canada. I attended (with my camera): 4 games, 1 locker room parent’s open house, a party, a ceremony for the seniors, and an awards ceremony. For me, it meant close to 15 hours of shooting, 3000+ photos to sort through, and at least 12 hours of editing. I was tired by Sunday night, but I can’t forget that there were others who probably worked harder over the weekend than me. A big shout out to Keith, Greg, and Rosie, the trainer. All three were there at the rink every time I was.

The last game of the season is always a little sad for me with any team, as I get to know many of the parents and kids. For the seniors, this is especially true as it was their last game with their team and most likely the last time that they’ll play in the Henderson Ice Rink. After the last game of any season, you can see the emotion on the kids’ faces as most realize this fact.

Culver played well in the tournament taking second place overall. They played against UCC, Ridley, NSA, and St. Louis. Culver easliy won their first three games, but they struggled in the final game on Sunday with St. Louis.

Following are a few of my my favorite photos from the four games. I’ve posted additional photos seperated by game at:


CMA Senior Hockey Banners

Last week, I photographed the seven seniors on Culver Academies’ Varsity Hockey team. Using their photos, I created senior banners that the team will hang during their senior recognition night on Saturday, February 12th. In the past year, I’ve done similar banners for some of the other sports teams. When printed, these really are sharp and life sized!

Let me apologize if the image quality doesn’t appear as crisp as one would expect. I had to shrink my original files (3 foot by 7 foot) to an image size that would actually load by most browsers.

Indiana Hockey Photography: CMA U16 and Prep Team

I’m sorry that this post is over a week old. Things have been hectic here in Culver and I’m just now getting caught up. Saturday of January 28th was a busy night for hockey in Culver. Simultaneously, there were two hockey games going on at the same time. One was between the Culver Academy U16 hockey team and the Indy Jr. Ice. The second game was between the CMA Prep team and St. Mary’s. I had a bouncing back and forth routine between the rinks that got to be a bit hectic at times. To further complicate things, each rink has different lighting that requires camera adjustments when switching rinks. I posted some of my favorite shots from the night. Other photos are located at:

U16 vs. Indy Jr. Ice- http://www.culverphotos.com/1_28_11_u16_hockey

Prep team vs. Orchard Lake St. Mary’s- http://www.culverphotos.com/1_28_11_prep_hockey

Indiana High School Photographer: Alex and Friends


Today, Ginny and I shot Culver Girls Academy senior Alex and her two friends. As we were shooting, I kept telling the girls and Ginny that they reminded me of Charlie’s Angels. In some of the shots, you’ll see why I thought this. These pictures also reflect some of the lasting friendships of Culver. You can tell these three are tight and have experienced Culver to the fullest. It was chilly today, but the pictures turned out beautifully. Ginny and I had a great time finding locations and trying out various shots to include all three girls. We wish all three the best as they approach their grad day.

Indiana Senior Pictures: Alyssa


 Last Friday was a beautiful day in Culver and perfect for senior pictures. This time, Alyssa from Crown Point, Indiana, joined us. Though from outside of Culver, Alyssa loves Culver and has vacationed here with her family the past few summers. Alyssa wanted to get some shots with the Fall leaves, the lake, and a willow tree she spotted on Culver Academies’ campus. She and her mom scouted out some scenes with us. My favorite line of the day was when we were in a field shooting and Alyssa’s mom said, “Adore the wheat, Alyssa.” Ginny and I laughed a lot and had fun shooting Alyssa. As you can see from her pictures, she has a natural affinity to the camera and is beautiful inside and out.  


Indiana Senior Pictures: Heather

Knox senior Heather joined us this past weekend for some senior photos. Heather is finishing her final year with a lot of success. She has already been accepted early to her college of choice and plans to live with two of her close friends when she starts next year. Until then, Heather is involved in cheerleading and getting ready for the prom. Heather chose a couple of her dresses for a photo shoot, which provided great color and contrast to the colors of Fall. Not only did we find out that Heather is a great athelete (and flexible), but she’s a kind and sincere person with a bright future.


Indiana Senior Pictures: Kaitlyn

About a week ago, we shot Kaitlyn’s senior photos. Kaitlyn is a senior at Culver Community Schools. She has a love of photography and takes pictures at sporting events, of friends, and so on. I get to see her when I’m at Culver shooting sports events. I always enjoy talking to her. She had some great locations in mind for her shoot, including a private property that still has some corn stalks standing, which made for a great background setting.  We enjoyed working with Kaitlyn. Her kind nature is evident in the photographs. We wish her all the best with her senior year and look forward to hearing about her plans for next year.


Culver Senior Photos: Andrew Eiler

 Yesterday, we had a photoshoot with Andre Eiler, a senior at Culver Military Academy. Andrew is a golfer and looking forward to the golf season this Spring. We decided to take some shots at Mystic Hills to go along with Andrew’s other shots on campus. The Culver colors in the uniform look great against the backdrop of the course. We also learned that Andrew is a very talented golfer. Ginny noted that Andrew has the most natural smile. Andrew and his mom were laid back, so easy to work with, and kind; we are looking forward to seeing him go through the gate in 2011.


Indiana High School Photograhy: Robbie McKinnis

At the end of Summer School, Ginny and I shot high school senior, and now Summer School Almun, Robbie McKinnis in his Summer School Dress uniform on the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee near the Naval Building. Due to a family vacation, we only had one day on which this session would fit into everyone’s schedules. The sky was a little cloudy and hazy, which caused the backgrounds of the photos to lack color, but overall, the photos of Robbie turned out great.


Culver Academy Graduation Photos: Commencement


The 2009-2010 Culver Academy school year comes to a close with the Final Formation and Graduation Commencement that was held last Sunday on the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee. As part of the ceremony, the cadets proceed through the CMA Gate and the coeds walk through the CGA Arch. Once through, they are welcomed by a Legion Board member as they join the ranks of other Culver Alumn. As always, emotion runs high, as this celebration is both joyous and sad being the end of the seniors’ Culver (and high school) lives.

All totaled, I shot over 1500 photos before, during, and after the graduation ceremony. I tried to get a couple of photos of each student as they received their diploma and progressed through the Gate or Arch. I’ve only posted a few photos here. Others can be found at: 

Before/After Ceremony- http://www.culverphotos.com/6-6_10_commencement_bf

Arch Ceremony- http://www.culverphotos.com/6_6_10_commencement_arch

Gate Ceremony- http://www.culverphotos.com/6_6_10_commencement_gate

Please note that both the Gate Ceremony photos and the Arch Ceremony photos are in the order that the students progressed through the Gate and Arch. If you are looking for a student who graduated later in the ceremony, look much later into the gallery.