Friday Night Football: CMA Eagles vs. Brebeuf

What a fun football game last Friday night’s was…or at least it was up until the end. The weather was perfect as it wasn’t too hot or too cold. The cadets looked in step and professional during their march-on. The CMA Eagles were lead onto Oliver Field by the Old Guard who had returned to campus to celebrate a reunion. The Spirit of Culver looked great. (I was a Trooper when I attended Culver so I  can appreciate when horses participate in the sports world.) The cheerleaders were energetic and put on some great performances that made for some photo opps with a cool blue sky in the background as the sun went down. During halftime, the Dancevision team performed for the crowd. In the second half of the game, the cheerleaders gave away noise makers to the Eagles fans who added to the excitment of the game. It was a really fun night…except for the score.

The Eagles started off with a bang. They quickly put a 14-to-0 score on the board. Unfortunately, the momentum turned. Culver fought hard all the way to the end, but they couldn’t maintain the lead.

I’ve posted some of the photos here. Other photos are located at:

At the previous link, I’ve created subdirectories from the game to make it easier to locate photos. These include: Game, Cheerleaders, Dancevision, Spirit of Culver, Crowd, Tunnel, and March On.

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