Indiana Senior Photos: Kyle Vandeputte

A couple of days ago, I shot Senior photos for local CCHS student Kyle Van Deputte. Kyle is heavily involved in school activities and sports and looks forward to the next phase of his adult life. As the son of Culver’s local Assistent Fire Chief, there are some strong expectations for Kyle. I think he will have no problem meeting them.

An hour before the shoot, I considered calling off the session because it was cloudy and overcast and didn’t look like we’d have very good weather for the shoot. The old joke that if you don’t like the weather in Indiana, wait an hour, couldn’t have been more true. Sixty minutes later, the morning haze and cloud cover had blown off and made for a nice a day. I tried some new lighting techniques on the golf course and was thrilled to get some cool shots of Kyle putting and swinging. I wish him all the luck for a great end to his senior year. I look forward to following his progress after Culver, as he’s a great young man and has great role models for parents.

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