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Culver Academy Lacrosse Photos: CMA Varsity Lacrosse vs. Brebeuf

In the third lacrosse game played yesterday, the CMA varsity team played against Brebeuf High School. It was a freezing, windy, cold day. (I had on two pairs of socks, long johns, gloves, ear muffs, and my heavy jacket that I thought I’d put away for the winter.) Did someone forget to tell Mother Nature that this is the middle of May?!

Once again, Culver dominated the game with little action on their defensive end. The final score was 17 to 1 (15 points were scored in the first half). The action on the offensive side provided some great opportunities for shots on the goal. I’ve posted some photos here. You can find others of this game at http://www.culverphotos.com/5_8_10_varsitylacrosse.


Culver Academy Lacrosse Photos: CMA JV Lacrosse vs. Cathedral

Yesterday, Culver’s second lacrosse game of the day (there were four games in total among the lacrosse teams) was between the CMA JV Team and the JV Team of Cathedral High School from Indianapolis. (The two varsity teams squared off the previous night under the lights on Fleet Field.) Cathedral played a strong game, but they were no match for the JV Eagles. There isn’t a score board on the field overlooking Lake Maxinkuckee, so I do not know what the final score was, but I’m told that the Eagles beat Cathedral by several points. I’ve posted some photos here. You can find more at http://www.culverphotos.com/5_8_10_cmajvlacrosse_cathedral.


Culver Academy Lacrosse Photos: CMA Varsity Lacrosse vs. Bishop Leurs

Yesterday, the second lacrosse game was played between the the varsity teams of Bishop Leurs High School and Culver Academy on Culver’s Oliver Field. The CMA varsity went much like the JV game played out earlier in the evening. The Bishop Leurs didn’t play badly. Culver Lacrosse has reached a level that few Midwest teams can compete with. Due to fading light, and the fact that I was only able to get shots of a few players because all of the action was near the other team’s goal, I left at the half. The score was 11 to 0 when I left. I’ve posted some photos here. More are loacted at http://www.culverphotos.com/5_5_10_varsity_lacrosse.


Culver Academy Lacrosse Photos: CGA Varsity Lacrosse vs. Grosse Pointe

This afternoon, to wind up the Culver Academy Lacrosse Tournament, the CGA Varsity Lacrosse Team played against Grosse Pointe in a scrimmage game. Due to IHSAA regulations, the teams could not keep score because of the number of games that each team had played this week. The weather was great, and both teams appeared to be evenly matched. Not knowing the score, I’m not sure which team played better. Regardless, I think that the score would have been close.

I’ve posted some photos here. Others can be found at http://www.culverphotos.com/p905552642.


Culver Academy Lacrosse Photos: CGA Varsity Lacrosse vs. Barrington

This evening, as part of a lacrosse tournament on Culver Academy’s campus, the CGA Varsity Lacrosse team played Barrington. The game started at around 7:30 so most of it was played under stadium lighting in dusk and early darkfall, which limited the quality of shots.

Barrington played well and took an early lead that was held for the first half of the game. In the second half, Culver came back to win the game with a final score of 6 to 4. It was a great game that was exicting and fun to watch. Both teams should be proud, as the win could have gone in either direction.

I’ve posted some photos here. More photos are located at http://www.culverphotos.com/p556949779.


Culver Academy Lacrosse Photos: CMA Varsity vs. New Trier

This afternoon, I traveled to the campus of Notre Dame to follow Culver’s Varsity Lacrosse team as they played the Illinois State Champion team of New Trier. Did I say State Champions? I’m sorry. I should have said- the Illinois State Champions for the past 5 years! To say that this team is good is an understatement. They are a great team. Mix the intensity of the game with the surroundings, and it was a great game. (The game was played in Notre Dame’s Arlotta Stadium, which is truly a beautiful lacrosse facilty.)

New Trier did win the game with a final score of 10 to 5 after leading the entire game. I, however, do not feel that that final score is truly reflective of Culver’s abilities. In the third period, Culver overcame a several point deficit to bring the score within a point. Had Culver played that way the whole game, they could have won this one. I’d love to see these two teams meet again.

I’ve posted some photos here. There are others at www.culverphotos.com at http://www.culverphotos.com/p1063350499.