Culver Academy Photographer: Horsemanship Weekend- Equestriennes

There is something to be said about the beauty of a well cared for, well groomed horse in motion. This evening, I was fortunate enough to watch, what I believe was, the first performance of the 2009-2010 school year of the Culver Girls Academy Equenstrienne team. As they always done, the CGA Equestriennes put on a great show coreographed with music from the Lancer band. This was one of the events scheduled during the Vaugn Equestrienne Center dedication weekend. For those not familiar with the Equestriennes, they are an Honor organization dressage team made up of female riders enrolled in Riding at Culver Academy. They are the female equivalant of the Lancers which has been around Culver since the 1930s. I’ve posted some photos here but there are more at If you happen to be looking for better photos of the Equestriennes, please vist the Honor Organizations section on and look at the photos taken from the outdoor performances last Spring. With natural, sunny light, these photos turned out wonderful.







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