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Culver Academy Hockey Photos: CMA U16 Hockey vs. Pittsburg Penguins (Game 2)

I’m not sure what happened overnight since yesterday’s loss to this same team, but today, the CMA Eagles came to play. This afternoon, the CMA U16 Hockey team got a rematch game against the Pittsburg Jr. Penguins. The game was not a disappointment with Culver dominating the ice throughout the game. With a final score of 6-to-1, the Eagles redeemed themselves. I’ve posted a few photos here; find tons more in the online gallery located at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Hockey Photos: CMA Prep Hockey vs. St. Mary’s

Today, the Culver Prep Hockey team showed everyone why they are considered one of the best hocky programs in the country. Playing against St. Mary’s from Michigan, the CMA Prep team came to play and dominated the entire team. It was a fast-paced game that was exciting to watch. Culver won 6-to-0. I’ve posted some photos here; there are more in the Culver Academy Galleries on www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Basketball Photos: CMA Varsity Basketball vs. South Bend Adams

Some days I’m thankful that I’m self employed and working for myself. Today was one of those days because I would have been fired if I worked for a magazine or newspaper. Tonight, the CMA Varsity Basketball Team hosted the South Bend Adams Team in Culver, Indiana in one of the most exciting games that I’ve ever watched. When things get intense during a game, I sometimes forget about being a photographer and taking photos and instead, i get caught up in the game and being a fan! Tonight, this hppened. Tonight, I missed a shot that that I’ll probably never see again in my life. Tonight, I even forgot to write down the final score. All I know or care about is that Culver won their first home game of the season. And they won it in the last second of the game!

The game was well played by both teams and was exiting to watch as their was no clear dominate team. With a packed gym full of fans from both sides. the intensity grew during the 4th period when it became appearant that either team could win the game. With 5 seconds left in the game and the CMA Eagles down by 1, a three pointer shot was taken. As the ball approached the rim, #42 on Culver’s team, jumped up and dunked the ball through the rim. The buzzer sounded as the ball hit the floor. Culver won by a point and the fans went nuts. During those last seconds, I was a spectator instead of a photographer! I may have missed the shot, but I was at least fortunate to have been witness to this play. Find more photos from this game at wwww.culverphotos.com. There are tons of great shots of the action!


CCHS Basketball Photos: CCHS Varsity Basketball vs. Rochester Zebras

This was the second basketball game of the evening between the varsity teams from Culver Community High School and the Rochester Zebras. (The earlier game involved the Girls’ Varsity teams, while this was the Boys’ teams.) Like the earlier game, this game was also close and kept fan on the edge of their seats. The Cavaliers lead after the first quarter, trailed by 7 at the half, and were down by two going into the fourth quarter. Even with two and half minutes left, Culver was only down a point. It was a great game and fun to watch, but CCHS couldn’t pull out a win. Final Score: Culver-51, Rochester- 57. I’ve posted some photos here; there are several more at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Hockey Photos: CMA Prep Hockey vs. Lansing Capitals

After defeating the Lansing Capitals hockey team last night 5 to 1, the Culver Prep hockey team did not do as well today. They lost in a close, hard faught game. The final score was 3 to 2. The game was fast paced with some excellent plays, though the Lansing Capitals proved to learn from their mistakes from the previous night. I’ve posted some of my favorite photos here, but please www.culverphotos.com for more photos from this game or other Culver Academy photos and hockey games.


Culver Academy Hockey Photos: CMA Varsity Hockey vs. NW Chargers

Today, I took photos of Culver Academy’s Boy’s Varsity Hockey team as they played the NW Chargers. This was the second match up of these teams during the weekend, though I was shooting a different hockey match last night when they played. As an observer who has never played hockey, I’m not the best judge of whether a team is playing well or not. Unfortunately, the team lost by more than a couple of points. I still managed to get some great shots using my new D300s that I purchased a couple of days ago. I’ve posted my favorite photos here; there are more hockey photos and Culver photos at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Hockey Photos: CMA Prep Hockey vs. Lansing Capitals

Culver Academy photos. What’s there not to love? It is much more enjoyable when Culver plays strong and wins. Tonight, for the second game of the evening (actually it was the 4th, but I’ve yet to figure out how to be in two rinks at the same time), the CMA Prep Team played the Lansing Capitals. The enitre game was dominated by the CMA Eagles who played well as a team and showed some great passing skills. The final score was Culver-5 and Lansing- 1. I’ve posted some photos here, but you can find over 100 more at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Basketball Photos: CMA Varsity Basketball vs. St. Joe

Tonight, I photographed a scrimmage between Culver Acadmey and St. Joseph High School’s Varsity Basketball team. I must say, I have a lot to learn about how scimmages are played. I watched four periods and left confused as I didn’t know if anyone won because the score was reset  to zero at the end of each period. I posted some photos here; there are more at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Basketball Photos: CGA Varsity Basketball vs. Peru

Tonight, the CGA Girl’s Varsity Basketball team played their firt home game of the season against Peru. It was a fast-paced game in which you never knew what was going to happen next. The score was all over the place with no team dominating. I apologize for not having the exact scores but every few minutes, one of the teams was up by 5 to 11 points. A few minutes later the other was up by that same number of points. Just when you thought Culver had the game in the bag, the tide would turn and you’d get uncomfortable with how the game was going. Peru eventually clinched the win. I’ve posted some photos here; there are more located at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Hockey Photos: CMA Varsity Hockey vs. Prairie Ridge High School

This morning, the CMA Eagle’s Varsity Hockey Team played their second game against the Prairie Ridge High School Hockey Team. Plagued by penalties and up against a team that used the previous night’s loss to refresh, regenerate, and relight their passion, the Culver Academy Eagles did not fair well. I don’t know if the Prairie Ridge team studied the tapes from last night or if their desire to win was just that strong. Regardless, they played well and capitalized on CMA’s penalties. The final score was CMA-1, Prairie Ridge-5. I’ve posted some photos here; there are 200 more at www.culverphotos.com. Look under the Culver Academy/Culver Sports section.