Culver Academy Basketball Photos: CMA Varsity Basketball vs. South Bend Adams

Some days I’m thankful that I’m self employed and working for myself. Today was one of those days because I would have been fired if I worked for a magazine or newspaper. Tonight, the CMA Varsity Basketball Team hosted the South Bend Adams Team in Culver, Indiana in one of the most exciting games that I’ve ever watched. When things get intense during a game, I sometimes forget about being a photographer and taking photos and instead, i get caught up in the game and being a fan! Tonight, this hppened. Tonight, I missed a shot that that I’ll probably never see again in my life. Tonight, I even forgot to write down the final score. All I know or care about is that Culver won their first home game of the season. And they won it in the last second of the game!

The game was well played by both teams and was exiting to watch as their was no clear dominate team. With a packed gym full of fans from both sides. the intensity grew during the 4th period when it became appearant that either team could win the game. With 5 seconds left in the game and the CMA Eagles down by 1, a three pointer shot was taken. As the ball approached the rim, #42 on Culver’s team, jumped up and dunked the ball through the rim. The buzzer sounded as the ball hit the floor. Culver won by a point and the fans went nuts. During those last seconds, I was a spectator instead of a photographer! I may have missed the shot, but I was at least fortunate to have been witness to this play. Find more photos from this game at There are tons of great shots of the action!













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