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CGA JV Basketball vs. Knox

 The CGA JV Basketball Team played hard against Knox High School, but they couldn’t pull out a win. To view additional photos from this game, please visit the CulverPhotos website at:


9-11-10 CGA Freshman Volleyball vs. Knox High School

This morning, the CGA Freshman Volleyball team hosted Knox High School at Culver Academy for an early-morning matchup. Unfortunately, the CGA Eagles had a rough time and were out played by the ladies from Knox. I’ve posted some photos here. Others are posted at



Culver Academy Basketball Photos: CGA JV Basketball vs. Bowman Academy

This afternoon, the CGA JV and Varsity Basketball Teams played the Lady Eagles from Bowman Academy. Unfortunately, though, the teams were not the best matchup. Culver Academy easily won both games. Following are some photos from the Junior Varsity Game. I’ve posted more at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Basketball Photos: CGA Varsity Basketball vs. Argos

In the second game of the evening, the CGA Varsity Basketball Team played against the Varsity Basketball team of Argos High School. Culver dominated all of the game, though Argos made a comeback in the 2nd half. Culver won 55-to-43. I’ve posted additional photos in the Basketball Gallery at www.culverphotos.com/culveracademysports.


Culver Academy Basketball Photos: CGA Varsity Basketball vs. CCHS

What an incredible game between the girl’s varity basketball teams of Culver Community High School and the Culver Girls Academy! Not rooting for either team–my home town high school team or my alma mater–was very difficult. Both teams were evenly matched and played their hearts out. Culver Academy had CCHS outsized, but this didn’t seem to matter. The CCHS girls took advantage of their speed. Regulation play ended in a tie, which added to the excitment. In overtime, Culver Academy Girls won the game 67-59. With a tied game after four periods, no one should feel bad. In my both book, both teams won. I’ve posted some photos here. There were too many shots to choose from, so I’ve posted tons more at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Basketball Photos: CGA JV Basketball vs. CCHS

Tonight the Culver Girls Academy basketball teams hosted the Culver Community High School teams both JV and Varsity games. As much as I enjoy these match ups between the two schools, it always places me in an awkward situation as I never know who to root for, as I’m loyal to both teams! I ultimately end up rooting for no one and enjoy the game for what it is, which is a great way to shoot a game and watch it. These two teams were a great matchup. The photos here are from the JV game. Culver Girls Academy won this one. Find more photos of both teams and this game at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Basketball Photos: CGA JV Basketball vs. Knox

After a rocky start this evening against Knox High School, the CGA JV Basketball Team pulled things together for an easy win. Trailing at the first period, Culver made some subsitutions and then got energized themselves. After the first period, Knox High School had little chance of winning as Culver dominated the rest of the game. The final score, 32-17. I’ve posted a couple of photos here, but there are more at www.culverphotos.com.


CCHS Basketball Photos: CCHS Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Rochester

Don’t let the final score fool you! In the matchup this evening between the Girls Varsity Basketball Team of Culver Community High School and the Lady Zebras from Rochester High School, the score is deceiving. The final score was Culver- 49, Rochester- 54. This was a nail biter of a game. The first quarter ended tied at 14. At the half and also after the 3rd period, Culver trailed by 9. With 3 minutes left in the game, Culver tied the game. At two and half minutes left, the score was tied again. With 26 seconds left in the game, Culver was up by 1 point. This ended when with 19 seconds left in the game, the Zebras hit a 3-point shot. The Lady Cavaliers played well and were in the right position to win. Unfortunately, things didn’t go their way. It was a great game and I, like most everyone there, was on the edge of my seat for the last couple of minutes. I’ve posted my favorite photos here; there are more posted at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Basketball Photos: CGA Varsity Basketball vs. John Glenn

Today, the CGA Varsity Basketball Team played John Glenn High School at Culver Academy. The girls fought hard, but never got the upper hand. During the last quarter, the Eagles closed the score gap to within a few points, but the final score was Culver 48 and  John Glenn 55. I’ve posted some photos here; find more at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Basketball Photos: CGA JV Basketball vs. John Glenn

I don’t know how much more I can take of close games after the Colts game on Sunday. (Sorry everyone, I live in Indiana and am a huge Colts fan.) The CGA JV Basketball team hosted John Glenn this evening and I found myself on the edge of my seat and feeling the same emotions that I felt a couple of nights ago during the football game. After trailing most of the game, the lady Eagles came back and tied the game with 46 seconds left in the game. With 20 seconds left, they scored. The final score: Culver-31 and John Glenn- 27. That is two wins in a row for the CGA JV Basketball team! You can find more photos at www.culverphotos.com.dsc_2513