Indiana Sports Photographer: CMA Varsity Football vs. Northwood

The other night, Ginny and I shot the first regular season home game of the CMA Eagles against the Northwood Panthers. It was played on Culver Academy’s campus overlooking Lake Maxinkuckee. I was looking forward to this game, as this was the first sporting event at which I could use my new camera, the Nikon D3S. I purchased it over the summer and shot some weddings with it, but I hadn’t been able to use it for action shots.

For the camera buffs out there, the Nikon D3S is truly an amazing piece of equipment capable of shooting up to 9 shots a second. The camera’s real claim to fame is its capability to shoot in almost no light, making it ideal for Friday night football games, weddings, and other events where using a flash might be distractive or prohibitive. At Friday’s game, I decided to push the limits far past anything that I’ve attempted before and I shot the entire 4th quarter of the game with an ISO setting of 10,000. To my surprise, I am happy with the photos and proud to display them along with the rest of the quarters.

The CMA Eagles held their own against a tough team and in fact, they had the lead for much of the first and second quarters when number 17 caught a long pass from the number 7 quarterback on CMA’s first offensive play. The crowd was loud after that play, and the game remained tight throughout the second quarter. The Northwood Panthers had a tough running game, and they scored going up the middle a few times in the second half. The Eagles made attempts to come back, but they never scored again. I thought they looked like a strong team for a group of guys who lost several seniors in key positions from last year. Ginny and I think it’s going to be a fun season. We hope to travel to some of the away games and keep up with the team.

Following are a handful of photos of the game; additional photos are located at:















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