CGA Volleyball vs. Winamac

Saturday moring was a big day for the volleyball teams of Culver Academies. All three teams–the freshman team, the JV team, and the varsity team–played Winamac High School. The morning started off with the CGA freshman team struggling against Winamac. After the two freshman games, CGA rebounded by winning the remaining 5 games of the day. The CGA JV team won both of their games as did the Varsity team, which won their three games. As you can tell in the pictures, the girls seem to have fun when they play, and they play well as a team. I think this contributes to their successes on the court. It’s a lot of fun capturing their team spirit.

I’ve posted pictures from all three games here. For more photos, please visit the following links:

CGA Freshman Volleyball-

CGA JV Volleyball-

CGA Varsity Volleyball-

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