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CGA Varsity Volleyball Sectionals vs. Jimtown

You would have never guessed it was so windy and cold outside with all the excitment and heat inside the Plymouth High School Gym Thursday night.  The Culver Academies CGA Varsity Volleyball girls killed it against Jimtown at the Sectionals with three amazing victories to bring home the win and conitnue their advance in the Sectionals. The first win was a close call for the Culver Academy girls with a score of 25-20, but not to be dissapointed, the fans got two out of the park (or should I say gym) matches with scores of 25-14 and 25-12. GREAT WIN LADY EAGLES.

As you look through the photos, please take notice of the determination and teamwork that the girls showed. The girls played really well and always had each others’ backs on the court. It was one of the funest volleyball games that I’ve watched.

To view additional photos from the nights exciting festivities, please visit our website at: http://www.culverphotos.com/10_20_11_volleyball

CGA Volleyball vs. Winamac

Saturday moring was a big day for the volleyball teams of Culver Academies. All three teams–the freshman team, the JV team, and the varsity team–played Winamac High School. The morning started off with the CGA freshman team struggling against Winamac. After the two freshman games, CGA rebounded by winning the remaining 5 games of the day. The CGA JV team won both of their games as did the Varsity team, which won their three games. As you can tell in the pictures, the girls seem to have fun when they play, and they play well as a team. I think this contributes to their successes on the court. It’s a lot of fun capturing their team spirit.

I’ve posted pictures from all three games here. For more photos, please visit the following links:

CGA Freshman Volleyball- http://www.culverphotos.com/9_10_11_freshmanvolleyball

CGA JV Volleyball- http://www.culverphotos.com/9_10_11_jvvolleyball

CGA Varsity Volleyball- http://www.culverphotos.com/9_10_11_volleyball

9-11-10 CGA Freshman Volleyball vs. Knox High School

This morning, the CGA Freshman Volleyball team hosted Knox High School at Culver Academy for an early-morning matchup. Unfortunately, the CGA Eagles had a rough time and were out played by the ladies from Knox. I’ve posted some photos here. Others are posted at



Culver Academy Volleyball Photos: CGA Varsity Volleyball vs. Oregon Davis

This was the second half of the evening with the CGA Varsity Volleyball team hosting Oregon Davis High School at Culver Academy. The games were fun to watch with the teams very well matched. I stayed for three games with the CGA Eagles winning the first game and barely getting beat in the two following games. I’ve posted a few of my favorites here; more photos can be found at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Volleyball Photos: CGA JV Volleyball vs. Oregon Davis

This evening, the CGA JV and Varsity Volleyball teams hosted Oregon Davis. I posted a few of my favorite photos from the JV game. I’ve uploaded more photos at www.culverphotos.com. I didn’t take as many photos of this game because the JV team dominated in the games and quickly won them. 


Culver Academy Volleyball Photos: CGA Varsity Volleyball

This was the second set of games played tonight by the Volleyball teams at Culver Academy. Earlier, the JV Volleyball team played. These pictures are from the Varsity Volleyball game. I wish that I had been able to stay past the first Varsity game as the teams were so well matched and the score throughout the game was quite close. Unfortunately though, other obligations required me to leave early.


Culver Academy Volleyball Photos: CGA JV Volleyball

What a couple of fun games to watch. This evening, the Girls JV and Varsity Volleyball teams hosted LaVille at Culver Academy. All the teams were very well matched with close scores in all the games. In the games that I watched, you had no idea who was actually going to win until the final volley. Below are some posts from the JV game. I’ve posted other photos from the game at www.culverphotos.com.


Culver Academy Volleyball Photos: CGA Freshman Volleyball

This evening the Culver Girl’s Academy Freshman Volleyball team hosted a 3×3 tournament at Culver Academy. The team had some great plays but, as an observer who has never played volleyball, I think that they were having some difficulty with communication and being in synch with one another. That’s expected of a team of girls who have come together to play for the first time in their careers. There were several times when the team did work as a cohesive group. When they did, they were amazing.


Culver Academy Volleyball Photos: CGA Freshman Volleyball at Culver Academy

The CGA Girl’s Freshman Volleyball team played a great match on Thursday night. I regret that I was only able to watch the first two games. They won both games. The first game was an easy win, but the second game turned out to be a nail biter with a very close score. Though the girls have only been playing together for a few weeks, I think they played well as team. I’m curious to see how they did against the second school they were scheduled to play. I’m looking forward to catching more games in the future. I’ve posted the rest of the photos at www.culverphotos.com.