Culver Indiana Children Photographer: Sisters Eliza and Avery

Today, Ginny and I had the pleasure of photographing Wendy and Alan Loehr’s beautiful daughters Eliza and Avery. We met up with the Loehrs at their home and spent about an hour and half with the charming Eliza and sweet, happy Avery. Ginny kept calling Avery the happy naked baby. She did seem happy to wear her birthday suit for some of our shots.

We haven’t had time to sort through all of the pictures, nor have we cropped/edited them, but we wanted to post some so that Alan and Wendy could get a sneak peak. I’m going to Vegas for a bachelor party, so I will have to post more pictures later.

Eliza was a lot of fun to work with and responded well to having two strangers with a lot of equipment and flashes come in and interrupt her play time. She stole our hearts with her beautiful eyes and playful disposition. And her baby sister Avery seems to love her big sister. Here are a few photographs of these beautiful sisters, and I’ve put one in of their very kind mom.









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