Culver Indiana Photographer: Boys and Girls Club Charity Auction

This year, Ginny was in charge of the Boys and Girls Club chairity auction. They went with a “Fabulous 50s Night” theme. It was a fabulous night, as they not only had a great party, but they raised over $40,000 for the Culver Boys and Girls Club. Ginny was thrilled with the turnout. My favorite part of the event was the hula hoop contest. The auction committee planners recruited well-known people from town to participate in a hula hoop contest that raised several thousand dollars. Chief of Police, Chief of Fire, the president of the town council, and many others hula hooped for money for the big event. They also had singer Quintin Flagg, a 50s singer, perform. He did a great job. The silent auction portion of the event was successful, and all seemed to have a good time. I captured a few pictures for the board, so that they could remember the evening.







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