Culver Academy Hockey Photos: CMA U16 Hockey vs. Mercer Chiefs

Today, as part of the Culver Academy Hockey Invitational Tournament, the CMA U16 Hockey Team played the Mercer Chiefs. I’m not sure if the Eagles were tired given it was an early morning game or if they started the game on a bad note, but Culver never got the upper hand. The Chiefs started by scoring in the first minute of the game. They scored their second goal during the second period. In the third period, the CMA Eagles finally got on the score board and everyone thought they might stage a comeback, but they weren’t able to pull it off. The final score was Culver 1, Chiefs 2.

The game between the Chiefs and the Eagles was a lot of fun to watch. The Chiefs showed good sportsmanship, and the game had almost no penalties. Both teams showed respect for one another. If Culver had to lose, I’m glad that it was to a team that played well and with fairness.

I’ve posted some photos here; there are several more located at









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