Culver Academy Hockey Photos: CMA U16 Hockey vs. Chicago Huskies

This afternoon, as part of the Culver Academy U16 Invitational Tournament, the CMA Eagles played the Chicago Huskies. For me, this game was a little different than all the other hockey games that I’ve photographed in that the game was played on the “B” rink at the Henderson Ice Rink. This was the first game that I’ve ever shot on the “B” rink and it posed some new challenges. Unlike the “A” rink, which is an NHL-sized ice rink, the “B” rink is an Olympic-sized ice rink, which means that it is a larger rink. Being larger meant that I had to get used to things as viewed through my zoom lens. I had to wait until their was action in the middle of the rink because my zoom wasn’t the best at reaching the far corners. Another difficulty that I faced was with the lighting. This rink is lit with a combination of incondescent and florescent lights, which required some tweeking of settings to get my photos to look right.

The game itself was a fun, exciting game to watch with both teams playing hard. Culver easily won the game, though I don’t think the Huskies should feel bad. If I had to guess, I suspect that the Huskies are not on the ice daily like the Culver Academy teams. I’ve posted a couple of my favorite photos here; there are over 300 more at






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