Culver Academy Hockey Photos: CMA U16 Hockey vs Ice Jets

This weekend the CMA Eacles U16 Hockey Team is hosting a large tournament on Culver Academy’s campus with 6 teams competing from around the nation. Tonight’s game was between Culver Academy and the Ice Jets. What a great game to watch! I’m not sure if the game was more exciting than others or if I was trigger happy with my camera. Either way, I shot over twice the number of photos that I normally shoot. It was difficult narrowing the number down. I ended up with over 300 photos that I felt were worthy of posting.

I guess if your teams has to lose, tonight would have been the way to do it. The Ice Jets started by scoring the first goal. Culver scored its first goal within the first 45 seconds of the second period. Culver followed this by scoring the next goal to take over the lead.  A few minutes later, the Ice Jets scored again to tie the game again. The sceond period ended with a tie. During the third period, both teams scored to end the regular game with a 3-to-3 tie. Because this was a tournament game, sudden death play continued into overtime. The Eagles held the Ice Jets off for three and half minutes, but Culver ultimately lost when the other team scored. Regardless, both teams played well. To see more photos, go to and check out this gallery:












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