Culver Academy Polo Photos: CGA Polo vs. University of Michigan

Polo is back! For those who don’t know me, I was in Troop A when I attended Culver Academy. 20+ years later, I’m still a trooper at heart and love photographing horses. Tonight, the CGA Varsity Polo team hosted the girls polo team from the University of Michigan. Adding to my excitement of being a Friday and the first Polo game of the season is the fact that I shot tonight using a brand new Nikon D300s that arrived today. I was an anxious mess all afternoon waiting for the game. Just ask my wife. I couldn’t sit still.

Both teams played well with the CGA team taking an early lead, which they held the entire first half. During the second half, the University of Michigan team dominated. They held the lead until half way through the 4th quater. The Culver girls came back and ended up winning 11 to 9. I’ve posted some photos here; you can find several more at










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