Culver Academy Football Photos: CMA Varsity Football vs. John Adams

Another Friday night, another rainy night. What can I say? This Fall has not been good to Friday night football. This evening, the CMA Eagles traveled to South Bend to play the Varsity football team at John Adams High School. It was a great game with a tied score of 14 to 14 at the half. Unfortunately, Ginny and I only stayed for the first half of the game as it started raining about 7 minutes into the 2nd quarter. (For those that have seen us at the games, you know that we carry a whole lot of delicate equipment that doesn’t like water or rain.) For fear of destroying our gear, we decided that it was best for us to leave at the half. We felt confident leaving that the Culver Eagles had worn down South Bend Adams and would prevail in terms of physical endurance. We could tell South Bend Adams was tiring. That, and the Culver Eagles seemed to be reading the Adams offense by the end of the second quarter. As it turns out, we were right. Culver won by a large margin.

As a photographer who has shot many photos at many games this season, I can say that I was not happy with most of our photos. Some people at the game might have noticed that the lighting was sooooo much different in the Adams’ staudium than just about any we’ve played in this season. It was very dark. I think this may be because the staudium is old (and kind of a cool vintage stadium). Unfortunately, this meant lighting that would please only a photographer who could use off-camera lighting…something we might have been kicked off the field for trying. To us, it was like shooting blind. The field was still lit and you could see the action of the play, but the lights were not as bright as we are used to or as bright as we are fortunate to have in Culver. Looking through a high-end camera that measures EXACT light readings showed the world of difference between our stadium and others we’ve been in. I found myself pushing the camera settings beyond my comfort level knowing that even if the shots turned out, they would still result in grainy photos when enlarged. I’ve posted my favorites here and the rest at As you might be able to tell, I’ve posted some photos that I normally wouldn’t have posted. I simply wanted to tell the story of the game. For the parents who were unable to attend, I decided that showing the game was more important.










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