Plymouth, Indiana Engagement Photos- Jeanine & Todd

When Ginny and I moved back to Culver and started our first business here, we hired a high school student named Lyndsey to intern at our small business, CulverLodging. Lyndsey had a strong work ethic, excellent graphics skills, and a desire to put a new work experience on her resume. Years later, we have added a new business, Lyndsey is completing nursing school, and we are happily photographing people. One of the great things about getting to know Lyndsey is that we also got to know her parents, including her newly engaged mom Jeanine. And Jeanine is one of the people we got to photograph a few weeks ago. Jeanine is newly engaged to a great guy named Todd. We met them at Todd’s place on a cold, rainy day. Jeanine’s cat and dog joined us on the shoot, and though the weather wasn’t ideal, Jeanine and Todd smiled a lot for each other. We caught some of those smiles on camera, and we also caught the cat jumping on Todd every minute she could. Ginny called appropriately called this the “it’s raining love” photo shoot. Congratulations to Jeanine and Todd. We look forward to seeing you (and Lyndsey) at your winter wedding ceremony. Maybe it’ll snow love!



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