Photos from Culver Academy’s Basketball Win at Semi-State!

Ginny and I traveled to Huntington to see the Culver Military Academy’s basketball team play in the semi-state game. This was one of the most intense experiences we’ve had as photographers. We were so caught up in the game, in the noise from the fans, and by the close score throughout that we had a hard time maintaining our focus on taking pictures.

We saw so much class and heart on the basketball court during this game, and we also felt that the coaching on both sides was impressive. The Columbia City Eagles played well. They were especially good at the three-point shot, but any time they came within giving the Culver Eagles a threat, the Culver team would step up the defensive intensity and show great patience and team play on offense. They simply wouldn’t give up their lead in the fourth quarter.

We were also impressed by how many students showed up after a long bus drive to show their support for the Culver Eagles. They never stopped cheering throughout the game, and they never lost faith in the team. They chanted often, “We believe that we can win.” It was remarkable to see so many people in the stands. Faculty, alumni, and parents showed in great numbers. 

For the first time ever, the Culver Eagles captured a semi-state win to take the team to the state event next weekend. We captured this game and plan to attend the state event. All of the photos are free to anyone who wants to download them. If you know a player, be sure to let him know that he can have any of these shots for free. Congrats Culver Eagles! You made your school and town proud!

I’ve posted some of my favorite photos here. There are many more photos from the game posted at:

One Response to Photos from Culver Academy’s Basketball Win at Semi-State!

  1. Kate Marshall says:

    Those have got to be the best photos I have seen yet!!! WOW! What spectacular images of my boys – my three sons!

    Good job! Go Eagles.

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