Indiana Sports Photography: Culver Academy Prep team Banners

A few weeks ago, I photographed the ten seniors on Culver Academies’ Prep Hockey team. Using their photos, I created senior banners that the team hangs during their senior recognition night. In the past year, I’ve done similar banners for some of the other sports teams. When printed, these really are sharp and life-sized!

Let me apologize if the image quality doesn’t appear as crisp as one would expect. I had to shrink my original files (3 foot by 7 foot) to an image size that would actually load by most browsers.

2 Responses to Indiana Sports Photography: Culver Academy Prep team Banners

  1. Chad Baron says:

    What software did you use for these? These are awesome! Did you have someone else blow these up to banner size?

    CMA ’87

  2. Grant says:

    Hi Chad- I use photoshop. I remove the backgrounds and place it in a template that is sized at 36″ by 84″. They are large files when I send them to the printer but there is no room for them messing things up on their end. It is a lot of work on my part but I know that what I see on my screen is how it will print.

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