Indiana Sports Photographer: St. Louis Lady Blues

I’m sorry if the title for this blog is confusing. I’m an Indiana-based photographer who was asked to do the team photos for a St. Louis based hockey team. But… I did this while the team was in Indiana playing a U12 hockey tournament at Culver Academies.

The St. Louis Lady Blues U12 AAA Hockey Team has kids that participate from six different states. Because of this, the girls do not practice together. Additionally, all the girls belong to local teams in their own home towns and often have to miss games. Because of this, the 13 girls almost never play together. Given that the season is almost over and everyone was able to attend the Culver tournament, they decided it was time for a team photo and individual shots of the players. 

With limited time on the ice, we rushed through and managed to take three seperate sets of photos. We took team photos (players and then players with the coaches), individual shots, followed by individual action shots where the kids sprayed ice as I photographed them. Considering that each set required moving lights, backdrops, and getting the kids posed, I am surprised that we got through it and things turned out as well as they did. 

I’ve posted some photos here. Other are located under the Lady Blues Team photos at:  






























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