Indiana Senior Pictures: Colleen

A couple of weeks ago, Ginny and I met up with Colleen, a senior who wanted to have her senior photos taken here in Culver. Colleen was a lot of fun to work with because, as she says, “She likes what is unconventional.” Colleen had some fresh ideas for taking her senior shots, so we let her lead the way. Along the way, we discovered that she’s a brilliant young woman with a bright future. Ginny wanted to try some new shots, too, as she had some black and whites in mind once she heard Colleen liked that style. So, we played around with some new sun shots (believe it or not, it was actually out for awhile here in Culver). Overall, we had a lot fun with Colleen’s outfits, ideas, and her mom who accompanied us. We are looking forward to hearing about how she does in college and beyond. Good luck, Colleen!


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